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The 5 Anime Set in Tokyo

Japan, and more specifically, Tokyo, is a popular choice for setting anime series. These shows are the best when it comes to life in Tokyo.

Tokyo is one of the most recognizable cities in Japan thanks to its beautiful scenery, rich culture, and active nightlife that explodes in vibrancy for both locals and tourists alike.

As such, it’s no surprise for some anime to actually take place in Tokyo, whether for short episodes or as settings for the entirety of their stories. After all, Tokyo is close enough to see fun shenanigans, crazy adventures, and even dramatic encounters between characters.

Which anime made the most money?

animes rate
PokémonAnpanmanDragon BallGundamYu-Gi-OhOne Piece

Sailor Moon

$110 billion.$44.9 billion.$30 billion.$27.8 billion.$17.1 billion.$14.5 billion.

$13.9 billion.


Best anime like Tokyo Ravens

Tokyo Revengers combines gangs, high school and time travel in one beautiful animated series. Here are 5 other shows with similar themes.

1. Sailor Moon Crystal

This reboot serves to retell the original manga story by Takeuchi Naoko but with some minor changes to keep up with modern Tokyo. The series (along with the original 1990 series) takes place in the Azabu-juban area of ​​Minato Ward in Tokyo.

If the most expensive city in the world has the most expensive area, it has to be Minato. It is home to Tokyo’s former tallest building, the Tokyo Tower (with that distinction now taken over by Tokyo Skytree).

The anime portrays an upper middle class in Tokyo, whose actors have access to the best in quality education (even if Usagi is not the greatest academic achievement), and the best quality of living in Tokyo overall.

2. In Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song

In Vivi: Fluorite Eyes Song, the year is 2056, and artificial intelligence (AI) has made rapid progress at all levels of society. AI creatures with Android bodies like Vivy are common.

Vivi thinks his mission is to sing songs and please people, but then he meets another android, Matsumoto, who says he has returned from the future to stop the war between humans and AI – And she desperately needs Vivi’s help.

This discovery takes Matsumoto and Vivi on a 100-year journey to save the world.


Parasyte is a thriller and horror anime. The main similarity between this anime and Tokyo Revengers is getting superpowers out of nowhere. Just as Takemichi discovered his ability to time-travel, Shinichi Izumi also discovered his superpower which was a “parasite”. Looks dope, doesn’t it?

Shinichi Izumi becomes involved with a parasite and eventually forms a love-hate relationship with him. That parasite was living within his body, mainly his right hand. Wow! He finds himself battling other parasites as the story progresses.

4. Yu Yu Hakusho

There are high school gangsters and gangs in this anime. ‘Tokyo Revengers’ fans will find ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’ right up their alley. A student loses his life helping a child, but surprisingly only to come back to life as a spirit detective.

Yu Yu Hakusho is one of the old famous shonen anime with lots of adventures and the Dark Tournament arc is one of the best scenes in it. The plot can be dragged on a bit, and the animation isn’t great either, but it’s still pretty much a great ride for “Tokyo Revengers” fans.

5. Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven (TV Tokyo, 2014) is a Japanese fantasy romantic comedy anime series based on the manga by Kenji Saito and Illustrated by Akinari Nao from Seven Arcs Picture Animation Studios.

Arata is able to artificially reconstruct his world using the magical Grimoire and receives the opportunity to enroll at the Royal Biblia Academy to improve his powers to bring back his friend and save the world.

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1 Naruto Shippuden. Masashi Kishimoto/Shippuden/NMP.
2 One Piece. Funimation Productions.
3 Fairy Tail. Hiro Mashima/Funimation Productions.

1 Naruto – 16.2%
2 Pokémon – 8.8%
3 Demon Slayer – 7.8%
4 Jujutsu Kaisen – 7.3%
5 One Piece – 7.2%