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asphalt 9 legends tips and tricks

Asphalt 9: Legend is the ninth installment in the hugely popular mobile arcade racing series. This new version is packed with 48 expertly detailed cars and new realistic graphics, making it one of the most beautiful mobile games currently on the market.

There are tons of ways to dominate your opponents, with the ability to race against other players online. Here are five tips that will help you stay on top of the podium.

1. Collect flags

Gaining flags in Asphalt 9 is a way to progress from season to season and they can be used to unlock more game modes. Earn 10 flags and you’ll gain access to the Guild’s version of clubs, Asphalt. Get 15 flags and it will enable you to compete in limited time races where you have a chance to win special prizes.

These races can be tougher than campaign races so make sure your car is upgraded. Once you’ve collected 20 flags, you’ll have access to the multiplayer mode where you can compete against other racers from around the world.

2. Master Nitro usage

Misplacing your nitro boost can often mean the difference between first and second place. You can normally use nitro to increase the speed a bit but the biggest possible boost is known as Perfect Nitro. Tap the nitro button once and wait for it to hit the little blue line before tapping it a second time to get longer and more powerful boosts.

If you’re in a situation where you’re reaching the finish and need a more powerful boost than Perfect Nitro, Pulse Nitro is the technique to use. Once you have a full nitro bar, tap the button and tap it again on the purple line that appears just before the blue line. Pulse Nitro offers more speed than Perfect Nitro which is great for overtaking that last ditch.

3. Upgrade your cars to the highest available specs

An upgraded car always has a higher chance of winning the match, and that proves true in Asphalt 9: Legends as well. Always make sure you have installed the winning parts in the game.

And remember that speed isn’t everything, so make sure you try to balance all the different aspects, because a car can have top speed, acceleration and nitro, but keep those speeds up and turning. To do this it requires good handling.

4. Optimize Nitro usage

Nitro is one of the most important aspects of the game and it is very important to learn when and how to use it. Proper use of that one bar of nitro can be the difference between victory and defeat.

Learn to conserve nitro and use it only if the momentum can be maintained for long periods of time, such as long straight stretches. Or use it to overtake an opponent who is consistently ahead of you.

5. Know when to apply pulse nitro

When you’re about to close the race near the finishing line, the most powerful boost possible is needed. Now it’s time to implement the technology called Pulse Nitro. To take advantage of this feature, you will need a full nitro bar on the screen.

Then, just tap on Nitro button and wait for a moment. Next, tap the button once again on the purple line that appears before the blue line. Now you can use the biggest speed boost that will enable you to win the last overtake. However, the ultimate victory depends on your skill.

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