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How to find a stronghold in Minecraft Java 1.19 update

Citadels in Minecraft Java 1.19 Update are extremely rare structures that can only be found with a certain move. Typically, when players jump into the vast sandbox world, they travel thousands of blocks and randomly explore different structures. However, strongholds cannot be reliably found this way.

These are places that have a special room where a portal to the end zone exists. This is where the player will face the game’s final boss, the Ender Dragon.

Even though the game is endless and players can continue to collect items and move on, there is an underlying story that ends after finding the stronghold and defeating the dragon. Therefore, finding the structure is important. Here’s how to do that.

1. Using Eye of Ender in the Overworld

Once players have a sufficient amount of Eye of Enders, they will essentially tell players the location of the Citadel when used in the overworld. Players can hold and right-click the item to throw it in the air. Ender’s eye will slowly float in a particular direction, which is the nearest stronghold.

Through this, the players will know in which direction they have to go to find the structure. After traveling a few hundred blocks, players can glance again to re-check their movement. After a while the Eye of Ender will start going underground. This would indicate that the player is standing on top of the structure, and they will be able to dig it out and find it.

2. Searching for End portal room

After players enter the Citadel, they must first find the final portal to secure the area. This rare underground structure can sometimes be quite large, making it extremely difficult for players to find the portal. Players must place torches or blocks in each room and corridor to prevent them from going in circles.

3. Mountain Village

This is definitely a great starter seed if you want to explore new ingredients right away. You’ll walk around a mountain right next to a village with two blacksmiths who’ll have good loot to start you off.

Afterwards, you can dig beneath the village to find two ancient cities. The first one is at coordinates: 174, -38, 586 and right next to that, you can find a stronghold at 91, -33, 649. If you venture downstream from this location, you will spawn next to a citadel attached to a nether fortress.

4. Border Village Between Biomes

This Minecraft seed has a little bit of everything. It originates at approximately (X: -250, Z: -150) at the intersection of the boundary of a forest, forest and badland biome. The village of this spawn is also usually much larger than that of the players. Being close to the Badlands biome also provides opportunities to locate mineshafts for XP and loot.

Traveling to the village may take some time but once the players arrive, they will have enough supplies for their survival and building needs.

5. Secluded jungle coves

This Jungle Cove seed truly showcases the beauty in the new world generation of 1.18. This warm sea with rocky cliffs is surrounded by a mountainous forest. Beneath those stone cliffs are great caves to explore, a ruined nether portal on rocky shores, and an expanse of bamboo forest to explore.

6. 12-Eye End Portal Seed

Minecraft seeds in which the final portal to your world is generated with all 12 Eyes Of Ender already assembled and activated are extremely rare. You will not stumble upon only one by chance, most likely. Here’s one that you can load up to use for your own survival adventures.

When you’re ready to hit the fort, go to the coordinates X: 1146, Y: 63, Z: -637. Just below you is a room adjacent to the active end portal of the fort. Before you head to the dragon, you’ll probably want to scour nearby desert and jungle villages for supplies.

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