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how to get honeycomb in minecraft without getting attacked

If you want to start a bee farm in Minecraft, you’ll need a hive, and you’re probably wondering how to get it. Purchasing this item can be challenging if you are not very experienced or don’t know what you are doing. Since honeycombs have a variety of uses throughout the game, it’s essential to learn how to get one.

Honeycomb was introduced to Minecraft through two significant updates, version 1.14.0 and version 1.15. The update includes the addition of several new honey-related items as well as expansions on existing ones.

The good news is that getting honeycombs in Minecraft is a straightforward process that can be easily repeated whenever necessary. You will only need a few things to get things rolling, but you will need to be careful as there will be bees around.

How to get Honeycomb in Survival Mode

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You can add a hive to your inventory in Survival mode by finding a honey bee nest and collecting the hive from it. So let’s get started!

1. Find a Bee Nest

First, you need to find a bee’s nest in your Minecraft world. Bee nests are commonly found in the biomes of plains, flower forests or sunflower fields. The bee nest will either be hanging from an oak tree or a birch tree:

2. Grab Your Scissors

Next, select your scissors in the hotbar and hold them in your hand.

3. Use Scissors

As bees (pollen-carrying) enter the bee’s nest, the honey level in the bee’s nest will increase. Once the bee’s nest is filled with honey, you will see honey dripping from the holes. Now is the time to use scissors to collect the hive from the bee’s nest.


If you prefer to get to the hive without being attacked, you can put a campfire under the bee’s nest. The smoke from the fire will calm the bees and keep them from stinging you.

Getting honeycombs with a campfire is an easy way to evade attack and is definitely worth it because they are easy to make. Just make sure you place it directly under the bee’s nest so that the smoke can reach the bees.

Find the Bee Nest

You can make shear using two iron ingots, which you can get from smelting iron ore yourself. Place one iron bar in the middle slot of your crafting table and the other in the bottom-left slot. Next, you need to find a bee’s nest with honey.

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Bee nests arise randomly in trees around the world, and you will always find bees roaming nearby. But even after getting one, you won’t be able to cut its hive until it’s filled with honey. Whenever it is day and there is no rain, the bees in the bee’s nest disperse in search of pollen.

And once the bee returns to the nest and is gone again, the “honey level” of the nest will go up by one. When the honey level reaches five, you will see the honey leaking out of the nest. That means it is ready to go.

Honeycomb Crafting Recipes In Minecraft

Once some honeycombs are obtained, they can be used in a few different crafting recipes. Three beehives and six planks of any type of wood can be used to make a beehive. Beehives function in much the same way as a bee’s nest, but they are built rather than found.

Four honeycombs can be used to make a honeycomb block, which is just a decorative item. Honeycomb can also be used to make candles. A string and a honeycomb make up one candle, but up to four can be placed on a block to increase the brightness.

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1 Determine When Swarm Season Is.
2 Buy Or Build A Bait Hive. Use An Old Hive. Build A Bait Hive. Swarm Traps.
3 Apply The Lure.
4 Position Your Bait Box.
5 Wait For The Bees To Move In.

1 Find a Bee Nest. First, you need to find a bee nest in your Minecraft world.
2 Hold a Tool with Silk Touch. To mine the bee nest, you need to use a tool with Silk Touch such as pickaxe, shovel, or axe:
3 Mine the Bee Nest.
4 Pick up the Bee Nest.