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Best map for rank push in bgmi and Pubg mobile

Developer Crafton Inc. has recently released the Early Access version of Battlegrounds Mobile India. The title was developed specifically for the Indian gaming community and brought back PUBG Mobile in the country almost a year later.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has a ranking system similar to PUBG Mobile. However, ranking the levels is tedious and requires skillful gameplay and strategies.

The other answers are correct that Miramar, followed by Erangel, are the best maps to move up the ranks but something needs to be said to emphasize Livik as well.

Not too late like once you’re crowned/ace it’s probably not worth it, but when you’re in Gold, Platinum and even Diamond, Livik gets decent (8-12) points A really cool map to do, in a very short amount of time.

Which BGMI map is the best choice for rank push, and why?

The thing about Livik is that most players go there for the adrenaline rush, so if you land too far off the flight path, you have time to plunder in peace for a few minutes before engaging. Unlike Miramar where perhaps 30-40% of players will land too far from the flight path, very few do in Livik.

My typical livik game (in solo) is to get off the plane, rob in peace, and not even encounter a bot or another player, as long as it’s 30 or so from 52 players. Don’t be At that point I usually load up and usually hook up with 2-4 players before I make the top 10. Then its all position.

Die at this point and you should have positive points (maybe just a couple not many kills) but your time investment is like 6-8 minutes! Look at your position, watch the circle hit something, and look for that chicken dinner.

This season, Livik has an average of 1 win every 6-8 games. Top 10 in almost all of them. I rarely play livik though I’ve hit the crown once.

Is the map Livik of PUBG Mobile good for pushing the rank?

Season 15 of PUBG Mobile was released on 14th July and the rankings were reset for everyone. This means that everyone wants to move up their ranks and achieve the top position in the game.

There is no fixed score for the highest level. It’s just that you should be considered one of the best among the top 500 players on the server. To be on this list soon, you’ll need to play a map that fits your style of play.

With the addition of the new map, Livik, many of you are confused as to which map will be the best to rise up the rankings quickly.

Let me suggest you choose the map according to your playing style and every map has pros and cons.

This map is good if you use smg and assault.

This map is good if you want to kill fast with less risk

I don’t recommend you use snipers especially bolt-action rifles (like AWM)

Match will last for 13 – 15 minutes

Most importantly it is in beta. So, you might face some glitches or bugs push doesn’t rank in this map especially if you have a low end device.

If you like camping and want fast kills then you can go to Sanhok (match will last 22 – 25 minutes)

If you prefer to use snipers then go for Miramar as it mostly has mid range or long range fights (match will last for 34 – 36 minutes)

If you prefer to use Assault, DMR and want fast kills and don’t want to camp then you should head to Vikendi (match will last 28 – 30 mins)

Erangle is the best map for all activities here you can find close to long distance fight and also for camp and crowd (match will last 30 – 36 mins)

Which BGMI map is the best choice for rank push, and why?

I believe the Livik Map is the optimistic map for aggressive gameplay. But clearly this rank is not for push!

First of all, it is the smallest map in the game. Its area is 2km x 2km which makes it really small. Before Livik the smallest map in the game was Sanhok with an area of ​​4km x 4km.

The thing is “the map is smaller and the gameplay is more aggressive!” That’s the basic idea of ​​the game. So if you want to improve your rush gameplay, this map along with Sanhok and Vikendi is the right choice.

But if you are just worried about your rank, I suggest you go for bigger maps. The most classic of the classic maps is ERANGEL. Most players only play Erangel. But after the last season’s update, a lot of players started playing Miramar as well.

Miramar is the largest map in the entire game. So I would say Miramar would be the best option if you want to advance your rank. Erangel and Miramar both have the same area and that is 8km x 8km but every time I’ve played, it always seems like Miramar is the bigger map. And whenever we played in Miramar, we got into the top 20 without any difficulty.

But not until you get down in San Martin! Laugh out loud! Even if you only play Erangel, that’s fine. It has a lot of space, so you can land anywhere safely and survive till the end.

But remember, don’t try to rank the push in other maps. You can try, but you really won’t have a choice, because it’s always the same.

You try to run away from a squad in these maps and BAAM! Another squad in front of you. Like there’s no way. If you choose one of these maps it is clearly because you do not want to move up your rank!

3 best maps in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) for rank push

The new map of PUBG Mobile, LIVIK is a combo of the other three maps, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. Even the structure of the building is the same as in the previous maps. Apart from this, there are some other unique places like hot springs, springs etc.

For pushin ranks:

Livik is the smallest of all the maps at only 52 players.

If you land in some hotdrops, we can get a good number of kills and increase K/D

But if you are a rank raiser, this is not the place. Even if you score 5-6 kills with Chicken Dinner you will only get  +15 kills

Instead, if you score the same in Erangel or Miramar, you can definitely get 20+ kills, even if you’re in the Crown tier

On the other hand, if you die early in the game, Livik doesn’t deduct even more ‘minus’ points.

Which map is best for rank pushing in PUBG?

First you should understand how ranking works. It depends on:

Team Rank – The lower your team ranks, the more points you will get. This is the most important thing when pushing ranks.

Auto Matching- Very few people know that or not. The number of teammates you have in the match affects your points. If you have fewer teammates then your points will be higher than if you have a normal team.

Even if you die early while doing this, and have 6~7 kills your points will likely be positive. This also matters a lot. And I do it many times.

Last is your total kills. Its effect is very less but having at least 4~5 kills will work.

Keeping all these things in mind, you can easily tell that Miramar is the best map for rank pushing. it is because

There are less actual players. So you can easily get kills.

Bigger map so more chances of being alive for long.

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