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How do I auto aim in PUBG mobile?

In general, action games are usually the most requested, most played, and therefore most entertaining for the entire public, especially in the case of PUBG Mobile, this opinion does not change, as the action and shots make it the center of attraction. And perhaps it is there that aiming automatically can become the most important and interesting requirement.

How to auto aim in PUBG Mobile 2022

The first thing we need to know is how it is possible to adjust the target this adjustment is achieved by touching the gear wheel which is located in the bottom right corner then the scope and there we can make some changes To the color of the reticle.

The need to use the phone’s gyroscope, it allows us to aim and use this movement for sight in the game, we can point in a certain range and move the phone It is possible to use, as it can replace a joystick.

Another option is to activate or deactivate the target and this requires pointing in the right direction, it is possible using Settings / Basic.

Speed ​​and agility are fundamental parts and that means it will be necessary to go to Settings / Basic / Gyroscope and there we get the option to use it.

Pubg sensitivity to aim is of utmost importance to improve your gameplay and win it. To improve aiming In PUBG Sensitivity, to win any game involving guns it is necessary to have perfect aim, as the player will not be able to hit the target. Shooting games like PUBG and Fortnite are mainly based on the target.

These sports require fast movement in aiming and aiming at slow moves; A wrong motive can kill the character. After all, the winner in such games is the player who survives to the end of the game.

What is Aim Assist in Pubg Mobile?

Aim Assist helps the player to aim accurately at the target. If an enemy is standing behind a wall when you shoot near the enemy your crosshair points to the enemy’s head.

Now if you have disabled aiming to assist your aim behaves normally and the crosshair does not go to the enemy again you enable aim assist then your crosshair goes towards the enemy head. Aiming assist will work best when spraying enemies, it works with every scope it just drags your crosshair or corrects your crosshair.

Should you enable aim assist or disable?

Well, it’s your decision if you enable aiming for assist you will have a bit better aiming, and maybe aiming aid will reduce some of the recoils when hitting enemies. I guess the game is allowing you to use aim assist and you should use it if you disable aim to assist your target will look like this after you disable it.

So when I’m playing classic matches or casual matches I can keep my aiming disabled and when I play competitive matches I will enable my goal-assists. That way, my goal will be better than I did before.

If you think aiming assist is a bad thing, then the average mobile gamer certainly doesn’t need it for better aiming because you don’t have a joystick or mouse and as long as everyone has access to it, it will not prevail. Using aim assist puts you at a huge disadvantage.

However, you can remove the loss. So my question to you guys is what do you think about Target Assistance? Have you tried playing without aim-assist? Do you think this is necessary for mobile gamers when your game slows down without aim assist? Or does goal assist help you aim better?

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