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How to increase aim assist in PUBG Mobile 2022

First of all these are my personal views so I am very sorry if you offended.

Now coming to the main topic why you shouldn’t use aim assist the answer is simple it messes up your aim, you ask how well it aims at you you have to hit the shot first but Then it will chase the enemy. (I’m not responsible if you conflict target assist and mess it up somehow).

Aim assist can be a real help in games like pubg (as they don’t give us the option to disable aim acceleration) but think about it when we use aim assist most of the aiming is done for you.

In low levels like Platinum Gold etc all this will be good, but at higher levels you need to have a good control over your aim (using aim assist on 1v4 can really mess you up as your pointer will always be with low health goes to the person, usually the one who is below).

Now don’t get me wrong here I did manage a crown with goal assist in the squad but as soon as I got it off I became a noob for at least a week and a month or so to fully recover Took time So it’s ultimately up to you if you decide you just play for fun just turn it on and join as many TDM matches as you want, but if you want to be a competitive player you can turn it off.

Will give and learn to control your target, even if it takes a season or two (grinding), it’s not okay to say you’ll regret it as soon as you put it off.

What is “aim assist” in PUBG?

Aim Assist (as the name suggests) helps you aim accurately. In other words aim assist will help you to hit your enemy even when your aim is not 100% accurate. You will see that your bullets are hitting the target, even if your crosshair is not exactly at the enemy player.

It’s very subtle though and you can’t really feel it working unless you watch it very closely.

Another drawback is that it only works up to a range of 20-50 meters (not sure about the exact distance really). So it will not help you in long sniper shots or medium distance fights (which are most common in PUBG Mobile.

What is the benefit of aim assist in PUBG Mobile?

Yes, but only if you have a good device with smooth texture.

First, target assist lets you aim accurately. If you are shooting an enemy, it will draw towards the enemy. I mean, if you are aiming and start firing, it will pull towards the enemy.

That is, it will help you. You can clearly see it if you play pubg mobile lite. That game is with more aim assist. The disadvantage is, during an intense fight, if you try to shoot two people at a time, it can drag on the other side and lead to your death (which would get stuck between those two opponents Is).

Goal assist, obviously, assists in your aim. You must have seen in many videos that they tell you to turn off goal assist for 2-3 TDM matches, and then turn it on, and you will be a god.

In lower levels, such as Diamond, Platinum, and Gold, turning on aim assist doesn’t do any damage, as 80% of the time the enemy squad doesn’t have communication, don’t rush together, stuff like that. Why? Target assist actually targets you towards the enemy that has the lowest health. Think of it like this.

You are in 1v4 and you have cover, the enemies are running at you without cover. You peek out of a spot and use your weapon to beat up a man. You then go around the house, or whatever you’re hiding behind, to try to get the enemy from the sides or rear.

But the enemies are all together, and you have to use your weapon on them all. You run straight into them, you start shooting and they start shooting. Now the important part.

Since you have aim assist turned on, aiming moves you away from the enemy who is shooting you, and instead you start shooting the person who is reloading. You get killed by the man who was shooting at you.

In lower levels you don’t have to worry about it, because smart players will isolate and confuse the enemy, and knock them out one by one. In ace or conqueror levels, this will not work, and the enemy will always come to you 4 at a time. So, once you get to the crown, you need to disable aim-assist, and gradually become as good as when you were on aim-assist.

How does aim assist work in PUBG Mobile?

Aim assist in PUBG Mobile is probably one of the features that sets it apart from its PC counterpart.

Aiming assist turns your crosshair or the sight you use toward the enemy. It’s really great. You may notice this once or twice in the game. You crosshairs move towards the enemy.

I feel a little bad about it. That’s because I like to take my M416, set a 6x radius on it, convert it to 3x or drop it at 6x, and just spray those enemies and moving vehicles.

The M416 has a high muzzle velocity but still sometimes enemies are at greater distances and aim assist makes it difficult as you have to aim a little further and assist brings the crosshairs on enemies.

Still, you can figure it out yourself if it suits your playing style!

Do pro players use aim assist in PUBG mobile?

In short if you want a clear target then you should not practice using aim assist in pubg mobile.

Pro players also don’t use goal assists while practicing. But in tournaments if you can use goal assist then all players turn on their goal assist because everyone else is doing it. But no one will use aim assist while practicing.

Major global tournaments don’t allow players to use goal assist while playing, so you’ll have to practice it if you want to be a professional player. But if you are playing it for fun you can use aim assist. It is completely up to you.

PUBG Mobile aim assist not working

Good loot isn’t everything, but a good AR + some combination + scope is. That could be some SMG, LMG, Sniper or any other AR. Find your own sweet spot.

Know your attachments. I personally prefer QuickDraw over Extended Journals.

To practice sniping, first use DMRs until you get the hang of them. Switch to bolt-action when you are comfortable enough. They are quite useful when you can’t take headshots and need to provide consistent cover fire to teammates. Again, use the correct attachments.

Example 1: The SKS has high recoil and good damage – a compensator/flash header, cheek pad and suppressor and use a vertical foregrip instead of a half/light grip. Expanded QuickDraw > Extended > QuickDraw.

Example 2: Mini 14 has less recoil and less damage – use a quick draw because it already has 20 bullets, and use a suppressor if you get it.

Instead of going for the kill, revive your teammate first. If someone cannot be saved, there is no harm in telling them the same.

Try to assess the situation before rushing. I can not stress this enough. Let’s be realistic. When you all have SMGs and they have ARs, your chances of winning 4v4 are slim. It happens, but it is not likely. Don’t get involved if you can’t see yourself winning for real.

Jump based on how many people are still on the plane. If you see 20 people falling around the same area, it’s best to avoid it.

For playing with random teammates, a good advice is to find loot separately, survive for a while individually, then meet and live together. Share loot and consumables.

Always carry at least 2 smoke grenades. You will almost always need it.

Try playing some arcade or arena matches before starting the classic match. Your reflexes and muscle memory will refresh like a warm-up.

Aim Assist is on by default. If you want to improve your gameplay, try turning it off and playing. You will face trouble in the beginning, but with time your aiming accuracy will improve a lot. This will help you take long shots and control recoil.

Canted sights are good when you have a non-adjustable scope (6x, 8x), majorly on weapons like DMRs, bolt-action snipers and some ARs. It’s faster and easier to use “tap to use” instead of “tap to switch” for canted sites.

Quality of gameplay: Quantity of kills. The objective is survival, not killing too many people. Chicken Dinner > #10s > Dying in 1 Minute. I love a challenge, and only the top 8 squad will give you the best adrenaline and dopamine rush. A noob who got a gun before you can kick you out of the early game.

If you’re playing with friends, you don’t want to be the kind of person who has to watch the whole game and say “GG” when you get chicken dinner without you.

Stay together, even if in teams of two. There is a huge advantage in numbers as compared to the last 2-3 circles. Winning in a 2v4 situation is never easy.

Important Point: Don’t become an ace player with K/D-1 and average damage