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top 4 action anime series that will make you cry

Anime that is very popular and considered to be a very favorite character, every anime has amazing powers. Which attracts people and attracts itself. From children to adults, anime is loved a lot. Anime series which is based on action, romance, comedy, sad, all these things.

I am also very surprised to see anime series many times because the anime story which is shown in depth so that I do not feel like to leave the film . I have brought you some of the best anime in this article which can make you cry or laugh.

1. Clannad

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This anime is very famous because of its big eyes, the anime is also called very emotional. Which was liked by a lot of people and there is 2 season of Clannad which is named. Clannad, Clannad: after story, has 23 episodes in both seasons.

Now we come to the story of Tomoya Okazaki who studies in high school who is very upset and depressed because of domestic quarrels and this whole story is based on his life when he comes in second year of high school And there was Nagisa Furukawa.

After meeting him, his life changes and he starts making a lot of friends and helps his friend in troubles throughout the first season of Clannad and much more.

2. Violet Evergarden

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Violet Evergarden This anime came in 2019, this anime had impressed a lot of people at that time, some people started calling this anime as Master Pies. We will tell further why it is called Violet Evergarden. This anime integrates with drama, fantasy or slice of life.

If I talk about its story, then its story is very good even though it is simple, it happens in its story that it There is a soldier, its name is Violet Evergarden which is like a machine.

Because she does not have the slightest emotion and she obeys every order of her boss. His combat skill is more than fighting, which is very good.

he just has to give an order, just like we give orders to the machine, in the same way this story is going to be very interesting action going forward. then you must see

3. Plastic Memories

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The name of this anime is Plastic Memories Yejo anime is science fiction anime. You will also get to see Romance and many emotional scenes in this anime. This anime has about 13 episodes, its writer’s name is Naotaka Hayashi and it is about the future in the anime.

I am going to tell the story here in a very simple way, so our main character Tsukasa Mizugaki who is 18 years old. He fails in the entrance exams, because of his health problem, then he starts working in a company, there he meets Isla, who is the second main character of this anime.

He becomes her supporter, in fact Tsukasa had already met Isla and she starts liking him too. And they also feel a love for each other. There are many more characters in this, comedy emotion scenes in this anime and many things will be seen in the series.

4. Garden of Words

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If you have a lot of interest in anime movies, then this movie is going to be quite amazing for you, the name of this movie is Garden of Words, as the name suggests, it is a completely romantic and full of many beautiful scenes.

Now on to the story. Keep in mind that the movie starts from a city in Japan, it was the month of June and it was raining heavily, in that we see a 15-year-old high school student named Takao. The one who was going to school, after coming out of the station.

see that it is raining because he liked the rain very much, so he decides to walk to school, in this way the scene in the movie is shown peacefully at the beginning and then onwards. The story will get very exciting, really gives you a guarantee that you are going to like the movie a lot.

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1 Guts (Berserk)
2 Hyakkimaru (Dororo)
3 Gaara (Naruto)
4 Seras Victoria (Hellsing)
5 Nico Robin (One Piece)
6 Sakata Gintoki (Gintama)
7 Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)
8 Trafalgar Law (One Piece)

Although the premise of the Murder Classroom involves a group of kids trying to murder their teacher, it’s still devastating when he dies.

1 Muzan Kibutsuji (Demon Slayer)
2 Griffith (Berserk)
3 Tetsuo Shima (Akira)
4 Kaido (One Piece)
5 Anos Voldigoad (The Misfit of Demon King Academy)
6 Giorno Giovanna (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)