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How to unlock and play Survival Mode in GTA Online

GTA 5 is a game that keeps on giving, and the developers have always been busy bringing out more and more ways to play this beloved title. It includes robberies, missions, arena battles, and survival modes, giving gamers ample ways to indulge for hours.

Survival Mode in GTA Online can be unlocked when players reach rank 15 and must have Trevor unlocked as well.

Unlocking Survival Mode

Like GTA Online’s Heath Stat Upgrade, Survival Mode is hidden behind a range of rank levels. Players must be at least rank 15 to access it.

It makes sense as a means of ensuring that players enter it with a good understanding of combat mechanics, but it can still be frustrating for new players. Thankfully, ranks rise quickly in the early game, so they shouldn’t have to wait too long.

Hints for Survival

Rank 15 is still pretty low in the progression of Grand Theft Auto Online. The player hasn’t even received his first health upgrade in that time, so his first attempt at a job of survival probably won’t last long. However, there are some things they can do to improve their chances.

Every survival game starts with health pack and available body armor. Armor responds between waves up to wave 10, and health responds to wave 15. Players must try to remember the spawn points and revisit them frequently.

How to unlock Survival Mode in GTA Online

Trevor can be unlocked by meeting Lester for the first time.

Players must then complete a task called “Method Up”, which was given to them by Gerald.

Completing the mission will trigger a call from Ron in which he asks the player to meet Terver in his trailer. This will unlock Trevor’s location on the map.

After that, players will go through a cut scene with Trevor depending on whether your character is male or female.

After the cut scene, the mission to run the tutorial of survival mode in the industrial plant will begin.

Players will need a minimum of $200 to be able to start the Survival Mode tutorial.

Once players finish Survival Mode in Plant, the game mode will be unlocked for play in GTA Online.

Survival Mode features 30 different missions that a player can trigger and complete to earn rewards in GTA Online. In Survival Mode missions, players need to survive ten waves of NPC enemies, each becoming more difficult with each wave. A progress bar for each wave is displayed in the lower right of the HUD showing how many enemies remain at any given time.

Survival Mode will also spawn vehicles starting from the third round. The fourth round will have one Buzzard helicopter, while the seventh round will have two of them. The tenth wave, meanwhile, gives rise to three energy helicopters.

Players can opt for the endless wave option in survival mode, where they will face endless waves of enemies until their team is wiped out. After level ten, juggler enemies are born, and they are really hard to kill. Their arrival in the mode makes gameplay more difficult, as they only go down to three well-placed RPG shots.

What is the easiest GTA survival?

Easiest to hardest solo:

Railyard (a shipping container is the best safe place behind great helicopter covers)

Boneyard (second best survival safe place, behind the trailer great helicopter cover)

Processed (a somewhat safer place in the dumpster)

Sawmill (wallbreach safespot on the roof; just stay on the roof the whole time)

GTA Online Survival Mode: Surviving is winning!

Unlocking Survival Mode is pretty straightforward. Users can follow these steps to unlock it.

Meet Lester for the first time to unlock Trevor.

Gerald will have a job called “Method Up” for him, a mandatory mission that needs to be completed as part of the requirements to unlock Survival Mode.

Upon completion, Ron will direct players to visit Trevor in his trailer, unlocking the latter’s location on the map. There will be a cut scene that will go on after meeting Trevor.

After the cut scene, a tutorial will be shown for playing Survival Mode in Industrial Plant. A minimum payment of $200 is required by users to join/start the Survival Mode tutorial.

They must complete tutorials in the plant for how to survive in order to be unlocked in GTA Online.

Types of Survival Mode

There are 30 different modes to play the survival mode and for gamers to earn rewards. These game modes always pit them against a sea of ​​NPCs in ten waves/hordes, each becoming more difficult and outnumbering them with each new wave.

The progress bar on the HUD shows the progress of each wave, showing the health of the NPC.

Survival Mode Can also spawn vehicles in the third round. In the fourth round, players can spawn a Buzzard helicopter while spawning two Buzzards in the seventh wave. The final wave gives rise to three energy helicopters.

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