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M1887 Vs Change Buster What Is The Best Gun In Free Fire

Free Fire is a very popular game and there are many new things inside it which are quite interesting and fun, among which we bring you a comparison of the most used guns in Free Fire, which you will like and your It will help in increasing the rank.

M1887 Vs Change Buster is going to compare these two and you will get detailed information about which gun you should use to increase your rank.

What is M1887 gun?

The M1887 is a shotgun with the help of which the player can hit the enemy from close range, but it needs a lot of practice to use this gun in a better way at long range. The M1887 gun is used to increase the player character’s power, with a range of 21 and up to 100 damage.

Free Fire has greatly improved this gun in the OB36 update, because earlier the option to add attachments was not given in the gun but in this update you will get the option to add attachments. The gun is quite powerful but after the update, the power of the gun has doubled.

M1887 Vs Change Buster What Is The Best Gun In Free Fire

Class Shotgun
Accuracy 10
Range 21
Damage 100
Armor Penetration 54
Magazine 2
Movement Speed 62
Fire Rate 42

Weapon Information

How do I get M1887 skin?

In free fire you get option to buy skin of M1887 in which you will get all skin of M1887 but garena provides free fire random code to you can use it to unlock skin of M1887.

Who is best M1887 skin?

Garena free fire has come out with many skins of M1887 gun but we have given the list of some special skins below.

  • M1887- One Punch Man
  • m1887- winterland
  • m1887 solaris burst
  • m1887 golden glare
  • m1887 tropical parrot
  • m1887 aqua burst
  • m1887 hand of hope

What is Change Buster gun?

M1887 Vs Change Buster What Is The Best Gun In Free Fire

Change Buster is a shotgun and this gun is used for hitting headshots. As we know the game is running advanced servers of OB36 update and this is going to be the biggest update ever to Garena Free Fire.

One of these big changes and features is going to be a new weapon in the Charge Buster game. It falls under the category of a shotgun, however, so if the Charge Buster weapon is ever released in the game it will be one of the most damaging guns.

The Charge Buster is going to be a beast at close and medium range. And it can also destroy obstacles like glue walls and shields with a few single shots. In addition, this weapon will be available in all modes of the game, including Battle Royale and Clash Squad modes.

Overall, the best skills to incorporate into your build when using a shotgun are Hayato, Jay, Carolyn, and Jota. You don’t have to equip all four of them, of course—it’s a good idea to put in a few extra slots for Alok and K.

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