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The Most Popular Video Games Right Now (all platform)

With the launch of new games in the market, the craze of online gaming has increased in the world. If we look at the recent trends, there are ample number of online games available on various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone OS, Symbian and gaming consoles. Since there are so many online game options available, it becomes difficult for the users to find interesting and most played games.

One of the other reasons for the boom in online gaming is the increasing number of mobile users around the world. So let’s have a look at the top 5 most popular online games being played around the world.

1. League of Legends

An all-time favorite for gamers, League of Legends is one of the oldest games out there. Gamers enjoy playing LOL because of its mode scenes, animations and different graphics. There is something new and different in every level of this game.

In League of Legends, players work as a team and are required to destroy some main building that is guarded by enemy team structures. Players control championship-like characters that they need to choose from for every match. Matches last for an average of 20 to 50 minutes.

2. Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5 is a first-person shooter and one of the most trending games at the moment. Centered around the fictional Hope County, Montana, the story revolves around a doomsday cult that has gained control of the county.

It is led by a charismatic and powerful commander, Joseph Seed. You get to play the role of an unnamed deputy sheriff trapped in the county. The gameplay is addictive and emphasizes exploration and combat, with players battling enemy soldiers with an arsenal of weapons.

Far Cry 5 is one of the highest-rated action shooter games, filled with stunning mechanics, enemies, moody wild creatures, and high-octane combat. The game’s story begins well but ends abruptly, reminding you of the debacle of Game of Thrones Season 8. However, it flawlessly pulls off the transition from exotic locations to the backyards of America with incredible graphics.

3. God of War

God of War has slowly become a major gaming series for the Sony PlayStation over the years. It is one of the most popular games right now and this latest presentation will leave you stunned by its amazing graphics and story.

The makers have carefully designed every single detail for nothing less than a transcendental gaming experience, through mythology and lore with adrenaline-pumping gameplay. The God of War is a clear winner, and with Atreus probably taking over the hero from Kratos, the God of War is here to stay.

4. Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Destiny 2 is and always has been a special game, but it is also a demanding and miles-deep “game-as-a-service” title whose biggest rewards require a huge investment of time. The Witch Queen, a new expansion that landed on February 22nd, tries to make the case that it can be special for everyone, whether you’re meant to play for the long haul or not.

The Witch Queen revives the idea for Destiny to send players through narratively interconnected missions. This means you can go inside, play through eight expertly crafted levels, and be done, with no investment required.

The net result for Destiny isn’t so much a change as it is a new way to tap into its magic. By focusing on the campaign experience, The Witch Queen very effectively reminds everyone who picks it up that, barring all the other features, it’s still the best feeling FPS game you can play right now.

5. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands feels like the task of a think tank specially assigned to Rami Tabri to fall in love with this Borderlands spin-off. I’ve played Borderlands before and I’ve never been a fan – it just didn’t click with me, but Wonderlands absolutely works for this D&D addict.

From detailed character customization and creative classes to inside jokes to the mish-mash of Dungeons & Dragons and spellcasting, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland is practically everything I wanted from Gearbox.

This is not correct; There are some obvious issues with the inventory and item system. I would also have preferred a true open world, but when I’m not playing Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, I’m thinking of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

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