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5 anime characters who can beat goku

Goku is the main character of the Dragon Ball series, created by Akiya Toriyama. He is working hard and working hard with the gods to become the most powerful warrior in the world.

In the general world of the anime world, Goku is already considered one of the most powerful.

In fact, many people claim that no one can outrun Goku when Goku is seriously fighting. However, we believe differently.

In fact manga fans are also imagining the scenario of what would happen if characters from other manga fight with Goku to find out who can defeat Goku. find out if there is an anime character who can beat goku and get a list of anime characters who can beat goku.

1. Ryuk (Death Note)

Ryuk is the god of death. Ryuk is the one who lives to live who can add more years to his age by just writing his name in his death note. He kills people by simply writing the name of his Death Note.

Goku stands a chance against such a person. Ryuk has to write Goku’s name on his earth note to kill him. Thus, Ryuk is the one who can defeat Goku.

2. Haruhi Suzumiyan

Haruhi Suzumiya is a goddess who is not entirely sure who she is nor does she know her powers as a goddess. But despite being unaware of her powers, Haruhi Suzumiya is in possession of great powers that she regularly uses without her knowledge.

In fact his powers change reality as well. Against such powers Goku gets no chance to answer the question Is there an anime character who can defeat Goku, Hari is a certain character who can defeat Goku.

3. Misogi Kumagawa (Medaka Box)

I don’t know about you, but I definitely don’t like these somewhat overused words – “reality is harsh”.

And thank God, in some corner of the world someone has created a force that literally negates reality. And the power that negates reality is called “minus”. Medaka Box’s Misogi uses Kumagawa Minus.

With it, he can undo things, as well as undo those undone things. Not only can he reverse his own death, but he can also reverse the death of others.

Whereas on the one hand, we can see that Kumagawa blinds Zenkichi by using All Fiction, making reality out of nothing. (Medaka Box Manga: Chapter 69) On the other hand, we see Kumagawa coming back from the dead using All Fiction. (Medaka Box Manga: Chapter 72)

What can Goku’s perfected ultra instinct do to someone like Misogi who can reverse or rewrite reality at will? Yes, Goku can apparently kill Misogi using his proven Ultra Instinct but Misogi can revive herself and the alternate reality.

4. Broly (Dragon Ball)

In the latest Dragon Ball Super movie, we saw that Goku was unable to defeat Broly even after using up all his transformations. He had to merge with Vegeta to defeat Broly.

But remember, Broly is a wild animal that doesn’t know how to control his powers. With his power-boosting rage, Broly can become unbeatable if he is well trained. And if he achieves a power equivalent to Ultra Instinct, then Goku is the only fly waiting to be swat.

5. Lelouch Lamperouge Of ‘Code Geass’ Could Make Goku Defeat Himself

There is no way for Lelouch to defeat Goku in physical combat. There’s no way a rough teen designed by CLAMP can stand up to the muscular strength of Goku. But Lelouch could defeat Goku without putting his finger on him.

To deal with his opponents, Lelouch uses his Geass, an eye-based ability that allows him to force anyone to do anything he tells them to do. While he can only use it once on each person, he won’t need to use more than that. All he has to do is see Goku, activate his Geass, and tell him to launch himself into space.

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