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how to breed frogs in minecraft

Minecraft is one of the most loved games on the face of the earth and there is a new update to the game from time to time. Some of which people love while others, not so much.

The introduction of frogs into this wonderful game must have had its own significance and while they cannot be kept within the game, players have told us that they can at least spawn like other mobs in Minecraft. Breeding is something we all know about, and it shouldn’t be a surprise to you when I tell you that players need at least two frogs to start breeding.

How will frogs breed in Minecraft

Things to have before breeding: In the upcoming ‘The Wild Update’, players will need a few things before they can breed. First, players will need Slimeball, as it allows two frogs to enter love mode. Players can obtain slimeballs by killing slime hordes or from wandering merchants.

Players can also create them with the help of sea grass that can be found at the bottom of any water body such as seas, rivers or swamps.

Next, they have to find some of these mobs in the world. Mojang has confirmed that they will naturally arise in various swamp biomes.

How to breed frogs:

After players have had enough slimeballs, they can feed them to two frogs to begin the breeding process. After the two get into love mode, they will mate. Their reproduction is very similar to that of turtles.

One of them will become impregnated with frog eggs and place them in a tile of water with air over it. Players must make sure there is water around them.

Players can take these tadpoles anywhere by filling them with buckets of water. According to Mojang, the tadpoles will develop into frogs of different colors depending on where they grow. Therefore, players can move tadpoles to biomes with different temperatures to make them grow into a different color.

Where to Find Frogs in Minecraft

Frogs are the second amphibian to be added to Minecraft’s growing roster of overworld creatures, the first being the brightly colored axolotl. Despite sporting the plaquette label of Passive Mobs, they are known to have an acquired taste for small slimes and magma cubes. Generally speaking, frogs have 10 health points, and apart from a negligible amount of experience, they don’t drop any items when they are defeated.

While frogs come in three different forms, they share the same behavior pattern, which allows them to jump on large dropleaves or lily pads and swim in water. Players can usually find them in swamps scattered throughout the map, or in the newly introduced mangrove swamp biome.

Orange frogs are the most common type of player you will encounter in the wild, as they are native to temperate biomes. To obtain the white frog, which prefers warmer climates, or the green version, which matures in cooler regions, players must consider breeding two members of the temperate version.

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Which Minecraft Update Adds Frogs to the Game?

Mojang will officially add frogs to the game with the Minecraft 1.19 The Wild Update. Developers are currently testing this new mob with Warden and Alley in Java Snapshot and Minecraft Preview (more on this below). And you can even test them now. The Minecraft 1.19 update with frogs is expected to roll out to users sometime in April or May. There’s no concrete timeline at the moment, so stay tuned for more details.

Frog was first introduced in Minecraft beta for Xbox, Windows and Android. They are officially coming to all platforms of Minecraft Java and Bedrock with the official release of Minecraft 1.19 Wild Update.

How to Find Frog Variants in Minecraft

As of March 2022, Frogs are exclusive to Minecraft Bedrock beta versions and the latest Minecraft preview. So, if you don’t want to wait for the official release, meet the frogs by installing Minecraft 1.19 beta using our linked guide. However, be sure to make a backup of your existing world before switching to the beta build.

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