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top 5 best advanced house designs for Minecraft in 2022

In the history of Minecraft, most gamers have played the game and gone through the infamous first night, most likely making a poor excuse to house something the size of a hole in the ground or on the side of a mountain.

This then leads to huts made of dirt, gravel, stone, or any other material that one can get cheaply. Below, you’ll find some talented Minecrafters who have traversed these huts and built some beautiful houses that will hopefully inspire you to create your own masterpieces.

Modern House

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Stepping back from going the purely cottage-core route, let me present you one of the first Minecraft modern house ideas on the list – this modern house by Sheepji. It deceptively uses normal and dark colored quartz blocks to cover the easy-to-find wooden blocks that are used extensively in this Minecraft house build.

That’s not to say that they make log builds bad. It just goes to show that you can make anything great with the right planning and placement. And the right block too, of course!

Japanese Pagoda-Style House

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Sheepjiji brings us a different style of home this time around with the attention-grabbing and aesthetically pleasing Japanese Pagoda House. Overlooking the magnificent cherry blossom trees on the outskirts made of pink and white wool,

it is a spectacular construction filled with interesting layers of wooden slabs and the soft light provided by lanterns and redstone lamps. And if your PC is at work, lighting looks even better with one of the best Minecraft shaders – or even ray tracing.

Minecraft Beach House

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Perhaps your starting location is somewhere near the coast and you want something more suitable for the local area. Whether your idea of ​​a beach house is a thatched cottage perched on the water’s edge, or a serene three-level mansion with a swimming pool, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Our favorite is the simple, easy to build villa above. It has clever use of mesh doors as decorations, but there are a lot of quartz blocks to build upon. It has a small pool for tipping your tootsies, perfect for a relaxing end to the adventures of a hard day.

Aquarium House

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Designed and created by Sheepjiji, Aquarium House is a creative house design for Minecraft. The house has an aquarium which is two storeyed and filled with plants, fish and other marine life. Additionally.

the Minecraft house has a modern aesthetic and is surrounded by a variety of plants. You will need a lot of glass to make the aquarium and other parts of the house. It is quite easy to build an aquarium house once you have all the necessary materials.

Modern wooden house

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Just as we had a classic treehouse, then a modern one, we also have a modern take on the simple wooden house. The design is creative and sleek, which makes it eye-catching, and it’s not that difficult to make because it just looks so cool.

Sheepzig has made sure to include functionality well into the home, so you have something that looks amazing but also performs.

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1 Candle.
2 Campfire.
3 Leaves.
5 Trapdoor.
6 Wood.

1 Find Lots Of Rabbits.
2 See Polar Bears.
3 Discover Ice And Snow Villages.
4 Find Infested Blocks.
5 Mine Blue Ice.

1 Bedrock.
2 Cobblestone.
3 Ice.
4 Netherrack.
5 Obsidian.
6 Sandstone.
7 Stone.