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the best pvp server for minecraft

Minecraft has completely dominated the gaming sector for a very long time. With the simple addition of community-run Minecraft servers, you can play the game however you want. Whether it’s a wacky PvP mode that forces you to escape from prison or a clash of factions vying for dominance in the region.

These Minecraft servers have a lot to offer, it’s got it all. With so many options, one might naturally ask, what are the best Minecraft servers then? Well,

we are here to answer the same question. We have compiled a list of the top 5 best Minecraft PvP servers and provided details about them as well as their overall aesthetics. So you can decide on which server you want to play the game on.

1. Donut SMP :

Our next best Minecraft PvP server is Donut SMP, an active hardcore server. Here, if a player dies, they cannot join back until after two real-world days. You should jump on this server only if you rely on your fighting skills and can survive against some brutal players.

Everything is allowed on this PvP server including grieving, stealing, and killing. As far as the gameplay is concerned, the server offers Hardcore, Survival, Anarchy, Vanilla,

OneLife, OneTreeSMP, LifeStylesMP and more game modes. They each have high stakes. So, if you are a player who wants to test your fighting skills, Donut SMP is waiting for you.


As currently the largest server in the Minecraft universe, Hypixel can attribute much of its success to the inclusion of PvP elements in some of its most popular minigames, such as Bedwars and UHC (Ultrahardcore).

Although not all game modes offered on Hypixel servers incorporate PvP mechanics, Hypixel manages to dominate the PvP sub-genre. With thousands of players battling it out daily in the many minigames here, it’s the epitome of server quality and originality.

3. Purple Prison :

Next on the list is Purple Prison and it is a prison-based theme for Minecraft. And because of this, you get prison cells, yards and even prisoners. However, the general environment of the servers is quite peaceful.

Several daily PvP events give you tons of in-game rewards. Although there are many PvP players, they are quite competitive and this is the only server where you will find peace. This might not sound like a big deal, but it does happen when you’re in the PvP space.

4. Donut SMP:

Donut SMP, an active hardcore server, is our second-best Minecraft PvP server. If a player dies in the game, they cannot rejoin until two days have passed.

You should join this server only if you are confident in your fighting abilities and can face some of the most vicious players. On this PvP server, everything is allowed, including grief, theft, and murder.


You can find Kit PvP in Ovenage Bedrock Server. Here players do not have the same items, which makes the game more exciting by offering maximum variety. Players must choose from a pre-defined range of kits, each with its unique items.

Once you have selected the kit, simply restart your server and you will be ready to go and play. Duel is also available for those who prefer a more classic one-on-one PvP battle with the same starting kit and items.

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1 Hypixel is currently the world’s most popular Minecraft server, by a long shot.
2 2b2t had a huge year and cemented itself as the most popular Minecraft anarchy server.
3 Wynncraft is the most popular dedicated RPG Minecraft server as of 2020.