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Minecraft 1.19 mods you need to try in 2022

Like every other update, the Minecraft 1.19 update has added many new features to the game. But the developers are still far from fulfilling every feature demand of the players. Luckily, that doesn’t stop the community from doing the same by creating some great custom add-ons or mods for the game.

From new biomes to game-changing features, nothing is impossible. You just need to keep an open mind and install the best Minecraft 1.19 mods. But before you dive in, make sure to install Forge in Minecraft to make all mods run smoothly. With that said, let’s dive in and get started!

1. Technopig Mod

Following in the footsteps of Minecraft developer Mojang, this mod pays tribute to YouTuber Technoblade, who we recently lost to cancer. This mod only adds a pig with a crown to the game.

For it to appear, you just have to use a nametag to name the in-game pig “Technoblade”. The mod is simple and subtle, yet adds a lasting tribute to one of the best players the Minecraft community has ever seen.

2. MrCrayFish’s Furniture Mod

When it comes to furniture mods, there is none better than MrCrayFish’s furniture mods. While it doesn’t specifically have the features that are most helpful in 1.19, it is easy to build.

This has long been one of the leading methods available, and there is a good reason for it. It’s also very customizable, so users can adjust it to look as they like.

This is one of the best approaches to aesthetics as it can completely change the game. For example, a wooden plank can look completely different with this mod.

3. Minecraft 1.19 Trailer Recreation Mod

If you’ve seen any official Minecraft trailers in recent years, you may have noticed how smooth and different they look from vanilla games.

To cover that tap and bring Minecraft closer to its trailer-like look, this modpack uses a variety of resource packs to change the game’s textures, animations, and even sounds. If nothing else, this mod makes your game run faster than usual.

4. Storage Drawers Mod

This next Minecraft 1.19 mod solves all your storage problems, and does so in style. It lets you add a variety of drawer and storage components to the game that you can merge with your Minecraft house ideas.

Then all that remains to be done is to build a comprehensive, but easy to understand storage system. This can be especially useful for managing a network of automated farms.

5. Not Enough Animations

I’ve heard most people say that Minecraft doesn’t have enough animations. If you’ve played the game for a long time, you’ll get tired of the same old animations. However, this mod adds some much needed new animations for your characters.

For example, if you’re holding a map, your character will now appear in third person. Plus, it also has tons of subtle animations that transform the game when viewed from a third-person perspective.

What is the best Minecraft Mod 2022?

according to hostinger:

Minecraft version: 1.7.2 – 1.18.1 :

One of the most popular Minecraft mods, OptiFine is an optimization mod to make the game run faster and smoother. In addition to its many graphics and rendering options, users can also run various shader packs.

In terms of improving the gameplay, this essential mod features FPS boost and VSync. FPS Boost helps increase framerate, while VSync or Vertical Sync synchronizes game frame rates with the monitor’s refresh rate and eliminates split frames.

It lets you change the appearance of water, snow, grass, trees, rain, fog and objects in the sky, it also provides features to modify how different elements of the game look. In addition, OptiFine HD supports textures and fonts as well as custom colors, lighting, and block color palettes

Minecraft version: 1.16.1 – 1.17.1

Like OptiFine, Sodium is a Minecraft mod to improve game performance and visuals. However, it was specifically made to be used with the Fabric Mod Loader.

This provides better visual quality while reducing the pressure on the machine. Examples of its characteristics are its smooth illumination and biome blending for fluids and other special blocks.

There are also many features working together in this mod to make Minecraft run more smoothly. For example, it uses a multi-threading system for block updates to reduce lag spikes, and invisible chunk faces are removed when rendering graphics to reduce memory bandwidth usage.

In addition, users can use this Minecraft mod to play different shaders at high FPS and switch between them easily.

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