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top 5 Best Pokemon Female Characters 

admit it. You’ve seen, played, and probably collected some Super Pokémon cards. It is enhanced. Many did the same. A major reason for the phenomenal success of the anime, was the terrifying Pokémon female characters who were a part of the show.

and that’s not all. Pokemon girls had a personality and weren’t just dumb bimbo. This made him more desirable, he trained Ash and the gang on how to do things.

For many addicts of this hugely successful video game franchise, it’s a hot chick heaven with so many great characters. We’ve had popular cartoon characters in the past, but probably nothing came close to it.

Top 5 Best Pokemon Girls 

The following list includes the five most liked Pokemon Girls of all time. Ash has made a lot of new friends, traveled to many places, and has managed to live for ten years.

Have any of these new female partners outpaced the original tomboy Misty on their adventures? Find out by ranking the top five female characters from the Pokémon anime!

1. Nurse Joy

If your Pokemon needs healing, there’s only one female for the job. Like Officer Jenny, the seemingly identical Nurse Joy is in all areas of every Pokémon Center just waiting to lend a helping hand.

Warm and thoughtful but not without a sharp tongue, should someone misbehave with their Pokemon, it’s easy to see why Brock falls in love with every single one of them.

Their in-depth knowledge has made them not only excellent nurses and caregivers, but have shown throughout the range as competent archaeologists, investigators and competition judges.

2. Misty

Ash, the first friend to join Misty, was from the original trio. He picked up water Pokémon and participated in several battles. Misty acts like a tomboy but also has a more sensitive side, which adds some good character depth.

I love Misty, but she’s not without fault. For example, she eventually catches a baby Pokémon named Togepi, and begins to spend most of her time taking care of him.

This means that the tough and capable Pokémon trainer we knew largely gave way to a sideline cheerleader, losing her courage and charm. I know some fans want her as number one, and I respect her, but for me, there’s a girl who’s even above Misty.

3. May

May is a lovely person with an open, kind heart, although she can sometimes lose her temper. She cares deeply about making her parents proud but doesn’t intend to do so immediately by becoming a Pokémon trainer.

In fact, May only wanted to go sightseeing, but when she met Ash and Brock, Mae developed a love for Pokémon. She still becomes disheartened and sad when she loses a competition but is determined to move on.

Apart from being a good batsman, May also has the skills to make delicious Pokeblocks. Her love for food, like Serena’s, fuels her desire to travel more.

4. Jessie

This Team Rocket member is one of the most recognizable characters in the franchise. He and his partner-in-crime James have been trying to get Pikachu away from our hero Ash for the past 23 seasons of the anime, but it’s not about him.

In your average episode, she might seem like a pushover, but in reality, she’s quite a formidable foe. Jesse has trained a number of powerful ‘mons’, including his recognizable Wobbuffett and his more recently important ally Mimikyu.

Additionally, she should be commended for her resilience, given that she hasn’t given up her goal of snatching that electric creature for over twenty years!

5. Dawn

Sinnoh’s partner Don was Ash’s third female partner. He was introduced as a character in the Diamond and Pearl show. He’s a charming and harsh character, but that’s great, it’s not something we experienced in May.

It’s no surprise to learn that Diamond, as well as Pearl, isn’t one of my top Pokémon seasons, though, so I’ll admit that may be because I’ve got this season’s English dub (go and when also you able to reduce it).

So, Don is not my favorite, however, he has a close relationship with Ash and I am sure this is the reason why some fans still prefer Don.

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1 Pikachu.
2 Charizard.
3 Suicune.
4 Mewtwo.
5 Rayquaza.
6 Xerneas.
7 Milotic.
8 Ditto.

1 Arceus (720)
2 Zamazenta (720)
3 Zacian (720)
4 Zygarde (708)
5 Kyurem (700)
6 Eternatus (690)
7 Rayquaza (680)
8 Mewtwo (680) …

1 Mew.
2 Giratina.
3 Dialga.
4 Palkia.
5 Uxie.
6 Azelf.