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Ranking The 5 Best First-Person Shooters Of All Time

First-person shooters have long been a gaming staple, with hundreds of shooters released over the past three decades. Just when the genre seems to be taking hold,

a really great game comes along with revitalizing the space and reminding gamers why they love shooters. This is a collection of those games. We judged these shooters on their combination of shooting mechanics, impact, innovation and refinement. Here are GamingxNews’ top five FPS games of all time.

The Best First-Person Shooter Games of All Time

Best of the best in terms of FPS. Welcome to Gaming X News and today we conclude our series on the best first person shooters with our final list of the best FPS games.

Half-Life: Alyx

If VR headsets were released at birth, there’s a chance Half-Life: Alyx would be our favorite FPS of all time. Sadly, the barrier to entry to the best of this virtual reality wonder is more than a switch on a strider. Even if you only ‘settle in’ to experience this fully paced,

incredibly atmospheric shooter on Meta Quest instead of Valve’s painfully expensive index, you’re still left with a substantial chunk of change for ten hours of play. want. And yet the absolute highest praise we can heap on Alyx? We would seriously consider paying the price of a PS5 or Xbox Series X to play this one sensational shooter.

Borderlands 2

While I feel like the original Borderlands is honestly inferior in the grand scheme of the franchise, it’s hard to deny that Borderlands 2 is when the series really found its footing and remains the game whose Borderlands franchise remains to this day. is following. Not everyone was a fan of the game’s humor.

but this desire to top it all is arguably why Borderlands 2 so confidently combined the best aspects of co-op games, looter RPGs, and first-person shooters. From its base campaign to its incredible DLC, it’s still one of the best FPS adventures you can share with friends.

Metro Exodus

Previously a linear shooter oscillating between tight spaces in Russia’s underground subway network and the vast irradiated tundra overground, Exodus revamped Metro with its slow-burning, atmospheric brand of shooter like an open-world game.

There is no climbing tower and no collecting collectibles, mercifully, that iteration has been replaced with a sprawl of damaged but darkly beautiful outdoor space. It’s a place that tells the story of Artyom’s friends on the train as well as the world of the subway – and it also has some serious raconteurs.

Doom (2016)

No, this is not a classic, genre-defining 1993 original. This is Doom, the 2016 numberless series entry that exceeded the expectations of many gamers. You once again play as an armed-to-the-doom slayer who fights the ministers of Hell on Mars.

As a result, goat-legged skeleton men, flying, flaming skulls, and other monstrous hordes attack you from all sides. Featuring bloody, frantic, demon-blasting gameplay and a blood-pumping heavy metal soundtrack, id Software-produced Doom blends old-school design with modern sagacity to create a satisfying, profane concoction.


PUBG arguably changed the industry overnight, sparking AAA’s fascination with the battle royale genre and inspiring many games to echo its formula. You know the deal. One hundred players are left on an island all free – alone or with a team – and asked to scour for supplies and weapons to kill the other players.

Over time, everyone is forced into smaller areas and fights become more tense as you can only imagine where the other players are hiding. It may have been done better by newcomers to the genre, but PUBG has set the benchmark, and few games can replicate casual moments of tension and chaos.

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1 Dota.
2 StarCraft.
3 Counter-Strike.
4 Gin Rummy.
5 Call of Duty.

1 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
2 Path of Exile.
3 The Witcher 3.
4 Borderlands Series.
5 Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla.

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