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TOP 5 minecraft mod zombie apocalypse

After a hard day’s work, the night has finally arrived. You set out to play Minecraft for a few hours before you go to sleep, but as soon as you boot up the game, you notice that things are different than usual. Your world is shrouded in darkness. You hear moans, carried by the cool night air. Feel something creeping in from behind.

And you finally understand that this night will be unlike any other. Suddenly you wake up, and with a sigh of relief, you realize it was all a dream. or was it? It’s hard to say, because when you install some of these Minecraft zombie-themed mods, you’ll be playing for hours on end. Are you sure you haven’t joined the undead mob?

the best minecraft zombie apocalypse mod

This is possible with the addition of some mods and some determination. Before turning your game into a desolate wasteland full of undead, you’ll need to install Forge or any other client that will allow the mod to function properly. Once it is installed check out this list of incredible mods that will make Minecraft apocalypse.


With Tough As Nails, you’ve got some new survival mechanics added to your Minecraft World. These mainly include body temperature and thirst. Now, you have to drink water continuously, or face losing health. Likewise.

if you enter a cold biome or are exposed to the elements, you are at risk of hypothermia. Fortunately, this mod adds a lot of new blocks and items to aid these new mechanics.

Rotten Creatures

Players looking for more new types of zombies should use the Rotten Creatures mod. In this zombie mode, players will get eight types of unique zombies.

Each zombie has a special ability. Frostbite zombies can freeze players, swamp zombies apply blindness and poison effects, and so on. These new zombies also drop unique things after they die. Burnt zombies drop demonic flesh that can be used as fuel. Players can obtain treasure by killing Captain Dead Beard, the captain of the sunken pirates.


This is a minimalist mod that allows zombie horses to roam around with a zombie in the saddle. Whenever a zombie spawns, it gets a chance to spawn as a knight. You can configure it to be visible only on the surface and if it should burn up in daylight.

This is a medium in which we allow zombie horses to spawn in your game. When they do, a zombie will sit on it to ride them. You have complete control over the configuration files, so you can determine which possibilities arise.


With mobs, players and villagers can be infected with zombies. This happens very easily, as a zombie only has to move within touching distance. A zombie player can also take inventory of a player when he dies from an infection.

Finally, Hordes of Zombies has been added to the mod, as the name suggests. These offer a group of zombies the chance to lay eggs on the surface, adding to the sense of danger and difficulty.


With this mod installed, blood can be stronger than the moon that pushes upwards every night. If this happens, there will be a huge jump in the number of performing organisms.

Their closeness to the participant they appear in can also increase their closeness, including a pleasurable challenge. In the configuration files, you can regulate the chance they generate.

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1 Phantom.
2 Silverfish.
3 Baby Zombie.
4 Vex.
5 Evoker.
6 Drowned.

1 Optifine.
2 Journeymap.
3 Just Enough Items.
5 Inventory Tweaks Renewed.
6 Playable Minecraft in a Chest.

1 RLCraft. Minecraft version: 1.11.2 – 1.12.2.
2 Farming Valley. Minecraft version: 1.10.2.
3 JurassiCraft. Minecraft version: 1.8.9 – 1.12.2.
4 The Lost Cities. Minecraft version: 1.11.2 – 1.12.2.
5 SkyFactory 4. Minecraft version: 1.12.2.