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top 5 Anime characters people hate for all the wrong reasons

Top 5 Most Hated Anime Characters: Anime has created fan-favorite characters throughout the years. But at the same time, it also gave rise to some less favorite characters. There are some unfortunate characters who make the blood of the fans boil.

From narcissism to bullying and selfish acts of betrayal, these characters represent the worst features of human nature. They also failed to entertain the audience because of their annoying nature or wicked plans. So without further ado, here is a compilation of the top 5 most hated anime characters that fans don’t want to see on screen.

1. Viktor Nikiforov

The most popular character of anime Yuri!!! Yuri Katsuki is loved for breaking through her shell on ice. However, a very important aspect that Victor fans easily forget is how he left his student Yuri in Russia and traveled to Japan for personal reasons.

Yuri had a real reason to hate Victor, and yet his anger was used as a form of comic relief to make fun of Victor instead of blaming him for his selfish actions.

2. Sakura (Naruto)

Sakura could have been a great character. Instead, she is reduced to a temper tantrum, with an overbearing ego and sassy personality.

Sakura mainly relies on Naruto and Sasuke during fights, as she is usually not powerful enough to contribute. The Naruto series simply disappointed Sakura by not developing into a decent character.

3. Akira Takaoka

Takaoka initially appears to be a very kind and helpful person at his first appearance. However, he becomes a sadistic exercise instructor who abuses his strength and power through brute force and violence.

He doesn’t hesitate to beat up anyone, even the students (such as kneeling Maihara and slapping Kanzaki when they object to his training), just to show just how powerful he is.

4. Ichigo

Remember the time when #bitchigo was all over social media? Well, it wasn’t because of fans’ sudden decision that the blue-haired mecha pilot needed to be taken down a peg, it was all down to one scene.

Only one scene, in which Ichigo destroys every ounce of possibility. Hiro clearly wanted to find Zero To before he could be taken away, Ichigo did everything he could to keep her at bay – including forcibly kissing her and confessing his love at the worst possible time. Well, that waifu war ended very quickly.

5.MR. Satan (Dragon Ball Z)

Mr. Devil is the most unexpected character in the Dragon Ball Z series. Though he’s not really bad at heart, the fact that he lies to his fans in order to be famous is extremely annoying. Whenever our heroes defeat a bad person,

Mr. Shaitan jumps in at the last second and takes all the credit. At least his daughter is a very nice person compared to him!

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