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PUBG: Battlegrounds 2022 roadmap revealed, new weapon and map full information

A new PUBG: Battlegrounds roadmap reveals upcoming content such as a Sanhok rollback, a new weapon, an arcade mode overhaul and more. The free-to-play shooter, which was launched in 2017, is considered the originator of the popular battle royale shooter genre. PUBG went free-to-play late last year, and it looks like the game will receive tons of new content throughout 2022.

Based on mods created by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Green, PUBG introduced the now hugely popular battle royale genre of competitive shooters. The title, like most of its successors, has players parachute onto an island and scavenge for resources to kill others and survive.

As the match progresses, the island’s living area continues to shrink, gradually drawing players closer to force a confrontation. Over time the multiplayer shooter has evolved to include many different maps, weapons and game modes, with the return of the Sanhok map in July 2020 following several tweaks from PUBG Studios.

PUBG: Battlegrounds 2022 roadmap revealed

As part of the Q2 update for PUBG, Sanhok will be reworked to be back to its original form. Sanhok is one of the oldest stages in PUBG, and fans weren’t happy with how it’s been updated over the years. The developers listened to fans and are planning to remove many additional features in Sanhok.

A new 7.62mm assault rifle will arrive in PUBG as part of the second quarter update for 2022. The new 7.62mm will have lower DPS than other 7.62mm weapons but will be easier to control.

The second quarter update will bring improvements to the training mode, including quality of life updates such as faster travel and custom matches. The developers intend to re-balance Paramo World to make it better for all players. The Paramo re-balance is called a sub-update, and will include improved terrain.

The PUBG 2022 roadmap reveals that the brand new Kiki map will finally make its way to the game in the third quarter of the year. Kiki is a futuristic-looking platform filled with high-rise modern buildings and exclusive new features.

Players will be able to use airboats in parts of Kiki, and there are special areas called ascenders that allow players to quickly ascend or descend from great distances. In the third quarter, there will also be an overhaul to Weapon Mastery, raising the maximum level of Weapon Mastery.

PUBG Battlegrounds Roadmap 2022

First of all, Krafon wishes all the fans a very Happy 5th Anniversary. He added, “We are both excited and humbled to ring in this milestone, even though we can hardly believe it has already been so long! Over the years, you all have been with us in constant memory of this.

Standing to remind us of how fortunate we have been in our successes, but also to be a humble reminder that there is always work to be done.”

New Map KIKI:

Kiki is quite unique in its diversity, having not only a crowded city full of near-future buildings, but also vast meadows, dense swamps, and more. We are very excited about it and look forward to bringing it to you soon.

Here’s a little more about Kiki: We’ve been talking about Kiki since the 2021 dev plan and know a lot of you are excited to learn more and finally get your hands on it. can. We are pleased to announce that Kiki is progressing well and we plan to introduce the new 8×8 map in the third quarter of this year.

Basically, there are some upcoming features which are under the roadmap. However, there are features like Arcade Mode overhaul, Weapon Mastery overhaul, and many more. These are all about the roadmap for 2022. Gamers can check the official website for more clarifications.

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