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The Best Action Role-Playing Games Of All Time

The best RPGs will suck up hours of your time, transport you to another world and let you get lost in it. The best RPGs let you explore, fight, and grow alongside your hero until you almost feel like they’re an extension of yourself.

If you want complicated stories, customization, extraordinary characters, painstakingly created worlds, and a chance to really become someone else, these games are well worth your time. Let’s see a new adventure.

1. Legend of Grimrock 2

We liked the original Legend of Grimrock and the way it adapted the old Dungeon Master model of building your party – mostly just a collection of stats – to explore the world one class at a time.

One drawback is that it was too literal of a dungeon crawler. Enemies can change, but for the most part you’ll be trampling what looks like a single series of corridors until the end of the game.

The sequel, however, focuses on both the dank dungeon and the bright, open world above, resulting in a nostalgic romp that’s insanely enjoyable and filled with even deadly enemies and more challenging puzzles. Like the first outing, much of its power derives from the element of surprise. One moment you’ll be able to hack enemies with ease.

and the next you can find yourself face to face with an incomprehensible monster. And then you’ll run, and you’ll find that sometimes there are almost as many adventures in flight as in fighting.

2. Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar

There’s a healthy debate going on about the best Ultima game ever, but Ultima 4 is here to be approved based on the sheer audacity of the sequel.

Free of nearly every role-playing trope, Ultima 4 tasks you with finding yourself in the Age of Enlightenment rather than fighting some great evil during dark times.

Ultima 4 deserves more credit than it usually gets for its plot centered on internal conflicts in a time of peace, but it’s the game’s attribute system, unusual character-building mechanics, and truly open nature that make it stand out. Special till date.

3. Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a great RPG game, but it also ticks a lot of other boxes – it’s a top-tier open-world game and a wonderfully vivid fantasy game. It’s got a lot of visceral combat as an important part of the gameplay loop,.

so it leans more towards the action-RPG side of the spectrum if that’s important to you. But don’t just take our word for it; Not only can you read our dazzling Alden Ring review, if you need more reassurance, you can also read everyone’s positive Alden Ring reviews.

As one of the ‘tarnished’, you must explore the middle lands and uncover not only the mystery of what happened, but you must also take down the fallen heroes of the realm to become the Elden Lord. To do this, you will need some kind of ring.

Some say a… Alden, Ring. Although these are unconfirmed rumours. If you’re going to face the horrors of this land, you’ll want to arm yourself with some Elden Ring beginner tips, as well as all the Elden Ring bosses, the best Elden Ring weapons and armor, and you’ll probably want to try the Elden Ring Great Runes. But want to read too. You know, just in case.

4. Secret of Mana

Oh, the secret of the mind: how we love you. We’ve never blew so hard on a worn-out SNES cartridge, just to get you working again. With a banner real-time battle system, jaw-dropping graphics, and a stellar soundtrack, for some of us, this is one of the greatest games of all time.

Even though the menu system was very disappointing at first, and the story was too Japanese for some, it was unique for its time with fun co-op and super smart AI. And finally being granted access to Flemy the Dragon? Watching him fly over the ground rendered in 3D? Being able to ride him? forget about it. The game was released 20 years ago, and yet it still manages to make us all feel warm and fuzzy inside.

5. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

Make fun of everything you want about Bethesda’s bug testing, but the developer’s Elder Scrolls series continues to push the RPG immersion envelope. The Wonder World design that began in 2002’s Morrowind continues in Skyrim, a title that offers one of the most impressive action-RPG settings ever.

It’s a good place to start telling the story of Skyrim, a land torn by an ongoing battle between two leaders who seek to fill a power gap. You play as a prisoner who escapes execution, and you can customize the hero as you see fit. Establishing yourself as a warrior, wizard, or pickpocketing badass is no challenge.

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