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how to build a house on minecraft

Minecraft bases, automated farms, themed worlds and in-game cities. All these fancy words are common and popular in the Minecraft community. Although they signify just one thing, and that is a player’s home in the game, it can be big, hidden, fancy, basic and everything you want.

But this is for players who know how to build a house in Minecraft. If you’re not one of them, this guide is the perfect place to help you get started.

Minecraft: Building a simple modern home

Despite modern houses in Minecraft seem somewhat daunting, their construction is fairly straightforward. Even in homes with multi-storey designs, building a modern home may not be as difficult as it looks.

With the right amount of materials and some time and determination, build the modern mansion of your dreams.

Minecraft House Ideas and Tutorials

If you are looking for Minecraft house ideas, I am sharing some really cool constructions that will inspire you.

From tree houses to wooden cabins to hilltop homes, these homes will get you on your way to building the home of your dreams.

1. Japanese Pagoda-Style House

Sheepjiji brings us a different style of home this time around with an attention-grabbing and aesthetically pleasing Japanese Pagoda House.

Overlooking the magnificent cherry blossom trees on the outskirts made of pink and white wool, it is a spectacular construction filled with interesting layers of wooden slabs and the soft light provided by lanterns and redstone lamps. And if your PC is at work, lighting looks even better – or even ray tracing with one of the best Minecraft shaders installed.

2. Modern House

Stepping back from going the purely cottage-core route, let me introduce you to one of the first Minecraft modern house ideas on the list – this modern house from sheep.

It deceptively uses normal and dark colored quartz blocks to cover the easy-to-find wooden blocks that are used extensively in this Minecraft house build. That’s not to say that they make log builds bad. It just goes to show that you can make anything great with the right planning and placement. And the right block too, of course!

3. Aquarium House

Now let’s kick it up a notch and see some mega creatives. This aquarium house in Sheepjiji features a huge two-story aquarium – full of fish, plants and marine life as far as the eye can see!

The aquarium fits in perfectly with the beauty of the house. The ascending front door staircase, the lush and orderly garden plants, the remarkable contrast between black, white and gray – it all comes to life in this modern looking aquarium home.

4. Modern House

A clean, sleek look from this Modern House from Detsno is the perfect example of how simple ideas, when executed well, can still look good. This Minecraft house design gives it a very clean, contemporary look – without any extravagant decorations or designs.

The house itself feels like a simple yet comfortable abode one can return to after a long day’s exploration. Take a dip in the infinity pool or relax in the outdoor lounge – either way, you’re sure to feel comfortable in one of the cleanest Minecraft house designs you’ll ever see.

5. Water Modern House

We all think of log planks and cool plants when it comes to designing builds – but have you considered making water an integral part of your Minecraft home? This Water Modern house by Random Steve Guy has a design that rests on water.

Upon entering the place, you have to climb high platforms to make it through the house. (Otherwise, you’ll get wet!) The home’s design is simple and flat, but it delivers a beautiful view with its sleek black and white color combination.

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