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the 5 minecraft quality of life mods in 2022

Minecraft is one of the biggest games in the world, getting updates year after year. However, the downtime between them is huge and developers usually can’t deal with all the problems. This is where quality of life mode comes in.

These mods fix some annoying issues in the game and provide a better Minecraft experience to the players. In this article, Gamingxnews is going to showcase top 5 best quality life mods for Minecraft.

Quality of Life mods Minecraft

Due to the age of Minecraft, some of its mechanics feel clunky and outdated at times. Quality of Life mods are a great way to enhance your Minecraft experience without straying too far from the vanilla experience. This guide will uncover the best Minecraft quality life mods and what makes them so great.

1. AppleSkin

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There are dozens of food sources for players to choose from in Minecraft. There are some foods that provide more bang for their buck, however, there is no way to know which of them does vanilla in Minecraft. Luckily, AppleSkin is a medium that does just that.

It adds food price information to the food item’s tooltips, as well as gives the HUD a view of satiety and exhaustion. It also tells you how many hearts you will be able to heal by holding a piece of food in your hand. This mod helps make sure you’re not wasting good foods when you don’t need them.

2. Storage Drawers

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Have you ever felt upset about organization in Minecraft and wished it were better resolved? This mod adds literal storage drawers to the game that allow you to create individual drawers for specific items – vastly improving the way you keep and display things in your possessions.

You can also edit their color and size, which makes the drawer even more personal to the player. And last but not least, it has a light indicator that lets you know how full a drawer is, saving you the time to check them all one by one.

3. Journey Map

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The universe of Minecraft is almost endless, making it easy for players to get lost. Minecraft has an in-game map system so that players don’t get lost. Unfortunately, this is an unpleasant and outdated experience. Journey Map Mod gives your environment a real-time mapping system.

Players will automatically chart their Minecraft environment as soon as they detect it with this mod. It adds a mini-map on top of your HUD, which brings up a full-size map that’s updated in real time with all the new locations discovered and structures built. Players will never lose with this mod.

4. Waystones

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For those of you who want to add fast travel to Minecraft, you can do so through Weston Mod. This is a feature that is lacking in Minecraft, despite being present in most open world games. You can make your own with the right ingredients.

Once the two paths are created, you can rapidly travel from one to the other. If you aren’t near a way stone but are in dire need of fast travel, you can do so using a warp scroll or a rechargeable warp stone. Both of these items are added to the game through mods.

5. Inventory Tweaks

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Inventory Tweaks is a mod that offers a plethora of relatively small and convenient features, all centered around inventory. It automatically replaces organized items when they break down or run out (assuming you have more in your inventory).

inventory and chest sorting buttons, and a variety of ways to move items around. Provides shortcuts. Despite its usefulness, Inventory Tweaks has one main problem that prevents it from ranking high on the list: it is only available for version 1.12 (as of this writing).

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