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top 5 Best Fitness Games Of All Time ranked

Video games can not only provide real pockets of knowledge – but can benefit us more physically as well. They not only shield our minds with mind-stimulating puzzles and highly-rated strategies, but also our core muscles and our overall health.

Of course, that means going the extra mile in search of specialist quality games that specialize in solid workouts — but finding them can offer tons of bonuses that aren’t always achievement or trophy based.

There have been countless occasions where going for a run doesn’t fit into our daily schedule, and nine times out of ten, we grumble and moan and come up with excuses for not exercising most days.

But, luckily for us, gaming has made it possible to get that fitness fix from the comfort of our own living room floors. with or without add-ons; Unless you want to break it, video game fitness can always make you sweat. But which sports really provide the greatest workout of them all?

Best fitness games

Here are some of the best fitness games available on console. Most of the options here are exclusive to the Nintendo Switch, which has been the premier platform for workout games since the massive success of the Wii Fit.

1. Pokémon Go

If you like the exercise that you do for a little more outdoors and a little less ‘bounce’, then Pokémon Go may be the game for you. Developed by Niantic, with the magic of AR, Pokémon Go allows you to catch Pokémon in the real world through your mobile phone.

While it’s not just a fitness game, Pokémon Go encourages you to get out and explore. When you start playing, you might find yourself running out to catch that cute Vulpix and then, twenty minutes later, you’ll find yourself heading to your nearest Pokémon gym to join the raid.

It’s stealth exercise and sometimes it’s the best, most effective kind. The best part is that it’s all in one free-to-play app on your phone, so it’s relatively easy to access.

2. Ring Fit Adventure

Nintendo’s latest foray into exercise gaming is also the best fitness game you can get. Ring Fit Adventure (opens in new tab) comes with a Ring-Con and leg strap that tracks how you perform various exercises, Ring-Con can be used for everything from yoga poses to leg kicks to overhead presses.

thing is done for. It’s easy to use, but an effective workout, especially at some higher levels of training. On top of that, its amazing role-playing story adds a gripping play to the mix, which makes it a real treat to come back from day to day.

Plus, Nintendo is supporting Ring Fit with free updates, one of which includes an entirely new Rhythm action mode. For those reasons, that’s why we’re saying this is the best fitness game to get right now.

3. Zumba Burn It Up!

If you know about Zumba and what it’s involved in, you’ll know just how much devotion it takes to power through an entire class.

Fortunately, for us at home – the break menu is always within reach. But, you know – that’s cheating. Zumba is fast-paced, and it’s definitely for players who are looking for a serious calorie burner after a big meal.

Although trimmed into shorter classes as opposed to longer real-life classes, Zumba’s Burn It Up! You can still take the same action from the comfort of your own home. Just don’t expect to smile like these elite players.

4. Walkr

Walker is a hybrid of fitness game and adventure game. Players move around, and the game keeps track of the moves.

It then uses those moves to move players around the game universe. The game has 50 planets to explore, various missions to complete, and a goal that helps you reach 10,000 steps per day.

Missions affect the game world, so you build things as you go. The game worked mostly fine during our testing, but some players complained about the app not always registering moves.

5. Fitness Boxing 2

Another boxing game in which you have to throw punches, hooks and uppercuts is Fitness Boxing 2. You won’t need any additional peripherals for this other than the Joy-Con™ controllers on a Nintendo Switch, which will track your hand movements as you walk.

A virtual trainer will guide you through routines that increase in difficulty over time, using your weight and height data to estimate fitness age and calorie burn, then determine the length and intensity of the routine accordingly.

You can also adjust these levels to customize your workout. Included in the game are 20 tracks from famous artists, so you’ll hit the box and the beat.

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1 Pushups. Drop and give me 20!
2 Squats.
3 Standing overhead dumbbell presses.
4 Dumbbell rows.
5 Single-leg deadlifts.
6 Burpees.
7 Side planks.

1 Get enough sleep.
2 Eat plenty of nutritious food.
3 Get enough protein, but not too much.
4 Focus on calcium and vitamin D.
5 Build healthy eating patterns.
6 Reign in snacking.
7 Promote physical activity.

1 Garena Free Fire.
2 Despicable Me: Minion Rush.
3 Jetpack Joyride.
4 PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds) Mobile.
5 Fruit Ninja.
6 Clash Of Clans.