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how to make a portal to the moon in minecraft 2022

Are you a great player in minecraft as well as being creative? So this topic will be very good for you, in which how a portal demension is created, do you know the answer. If you do not know, then I will give some great opinion here.

using which you can make a very good and easy portal. And one special thing I will tell here from my experience, by which I made a very good portal demension in minecraft, according to the same experience I will try to tell you very easy, in which every material is required and many more

moon portal make Items required

how to make a portal to the moon in minecraft 2022

The following are the necessary materials to make moon portal, using which you can make it very easily. And keep in mind one important thing that there should be a new version of minecraft, only then it will work fine, so now read below

Items required
obsidian block : 21
sandstone block : 32
leave flint and steel

how to make moon portal in minecraft

how to make a portal to the moon in minecraft 2022

Have you ever wondered what the moon of minecraft looks like? Many people take a long time to move towards the moon of Minecraft. For those people, this moon portal will be very useful, which can be easily enjoyed. So follow the steps given below properly only then you can make a great portal.

follow the steps

how to make a portal to the moon in minecraft 2022

  • First of all take the obsidian block, place 4 blocks on the bottom layer and 6 blocks should be above in the height, now in the same way keep the block like the size of a box and leave 3 blocks empty space in the middle
  • Then you have to take sandstone where you had placed the box size blocks and put them like sandstone and cover them completely from the back side! And you have to leave flint and steel on the space you left in the middle, then this portal will be activated then you can go to it.

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To “hatch” your dragon egg in Minecraft and give birth to a new Ender Dragon, you’ll need to collect or craft four end crystals and bring them to The End. Take those four end crystals and place one on each side of the portal surrounding the Dragon Egg pedestal.

Glowing obsidian is generated from the conversion of the blocks that make up the reactor (nether reactor core, cobblestone and gold blocks) upon activation. Glowing obsidian cannot be retrieved as a drop, instead regular obsidian is dropped.

1 Clay.
2 Clay Block.
3 Dirt.
4 Gravel.
5 Sand.
6 Snow.
7 Snow Block.
8 Soul Sand.

The strongest block in Minecraft is easily found by mining straight down. Bedrock, also known as Adminium, is unbreakable in normal game mode, preventing players digging too deeply and falling into The Void below.