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top 11 Best Girlfriends In Anime, of all time Ranked

Forget waifus and husband, today we are going to rank the best girlfriends in all anime. There’s a lot to discuss, so read on! Husband is at war. There have been waifu wars.

There have even been best girl and best boy wars, which ultimately split the various fandoms as to who deserves to take each crown. But we’re going to do something different by ranking the best girlfriends in anime.

Asuna Yuuki

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character details answer
Birthdate September 30, 2007
Age 19
Voiced By Tomatsu Haruka
Occupation High School Student

Asuna and Kirito are the most attractive couple ever. They are undoubtedly popular. Like many couples on the list. they started out as friends and eventually grew feelings for each other. Asuna understands Kirito and always has his back in the game as well as in real life.

He is incredibly patient with her. Despite not having much in common, they depend on each other which makes their bond imperishable.

Belldandy From Ah! My Goddess

Beldandi is known as a goddess from heaven, who first appeared when Keiichi asked for a wish. Her meeting with Keiichi binds Beldandi and stays on Earth with Keiichi.

As a goddess, she is a kind girl, easily feels other people’s feelings and does her best to empathize with everyone around her.

character details answer
Birthdate October 1 (Age:21)
Age 21
Voiced By Kikuko Inoue
Occupation Goddess First Class Type 2 Unlimited NIT student

Taiga Aisaka

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Birthdate July 27th, 1988
Age 18
Blood type O
Occupation Student

Taiga starts out as a friend who helps Ryuji satisfy his infatuation. However, as they begin to spend their time alone together, their feelings for each other grow stronger.

Taiga is Ryuji’s caring, loyal and funny half-sister. Their relationship can go awry at times, due to Taiga’s temper tantrums, but Ryuji is very patient with her, making them a perfect match.

Misa Amane

Misa Amane is a celebrity who is cute, cheerful, bubbly, with yandere traits and a fashion sense for all things yummy. Going through a very tragic incident at a young age, she sees that Light Yagami has her savior.

She is a person who loves with all her heart, values ​​the person she cares about more than the world. Through thick and thin, her actions are always inspired and inspired by love alone, ready to risk even her own life for the sake of love.

character serie details answer
Date of birth 25 December 1984
First appearance Chapter 25: “Fool” (馬鹿, Baka)
Created by Tsugumi Ohba; Takeshi Obata
Alias Kira II (第二のキラ, Daini no Kira, lit. “Second )

Lacus Clyne

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character details answer
Birthdate February 5, 55
Age 19
Blood type B
Occupation Idol Singer ,Eternal Commander

To say that Lacus is an overachiever is to take things lightly. She is a talented singer, princess and chair of the Plant Supreme Council. She is also a true pacifist who seeks to reconcile naturals and coordinators.

But let’s be honest with ourselves, we all love a pink-haired girlfriend who looks as good as Klein. And considering how hospitable and caring she is by taking Kira back to health after she was wounded in battle, we’ll be in good hands!

Your Lie In April

Those interested in more sentimental romantic anime should check out Your Lie in April. While this anime has comedic moments, it tells of two troubled teenagers: Kosei Arima and Kaori Miyazono. Kosei quits the piano after his mother passes away.

while Kaori is physically deteriorating as the anime progresses. The two overcome their difficulties, inspiring each other to become better musicians in the process. Just have some tissue ready for a good cry, because it’s going to shed tears.

character serie details answer
Released May 15, 2015
Author Naoshi Arakawa
Published by Kodansha
Genres Shonen manga, Romance

Kaguya Sama

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character serie details answer
Released 12 January 2019
Published by Shueisha
Written by Aka Akasaka
Genres Psychological, Romantic comedy, Slice of life

This hilarious rom-com follows the journey of Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane, as well as the student council president and vice president.

Though they have developed feelings and they are the ideal couple for each other, neither of them is ready to accept it. Watch as they turn their love on the battlefield with the rule that the first to confess will be defeated.

Kirino Kousaka

There are many reasons why Kyusuke is better off with someone other than Kirino. One is his sister. too terrible? And even though they may not be related by blood, Kirino would still deserve a spot on this list.

Although Kyusuke does his best to care for and help him, Kirino treats him coldly, often scolding him. She rarely shows her appreciation for him and spends most of her time bossing around him. There is nothing in this relationship that is healthy or normal.

character details answer
Birthdate April 8th, 1997
Age 15
Voice Actor Ayana Taketatsu
Occupation Student Part-time fashion model

Yuno Gasai

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character details answer
Birthdate November 16
Age 16
Blood Type O
Occupation Future Diary Owner Junior High School Student

(Future Diary) Ueno swiftly wins the Worst Girlfriend of the Year award. Her boyfriend Yuki, a textbook example of Stockholm syndrome, after kidnapping and abusing Ueno. threatens to kill his friends (then does),

all while swearing that he will return to Earth to be with her. Will go to the end. I think she delivers on that note, so at least she’s not a liar. it’s the little things.

Love and Lies

Set in a parallel world where one must pair up with their government-designated partner or face dire consequences, “Love and Lies” traces the story of Yukari Nejima, who.

like Kazuya, has no choice but to is to be with a woman he doesn’t love. While the themes of the two shows are very different, the starting points of the two pairs of protagonists are very similar, with “Love and Lies” being deep and serious.

character serie details answer
Released February 14, 2018
Demographic Shōnen
Studio Liden Films
Genres Romance novel

Rinko Yamato

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character details answer
Birthdate June 15th 
Age 15
Blood Type a
Occupation High school student

Rinko is one of my favorite female anime characters but for what reason? Simply put, she is the type of woman who doesn’t outwardly or physically see what kind of person you are.

We proved that when he met Takeo and saved Rinko from someone who was molesting her. Also, Rinko’s aggression in admitting her liking for Takeo, which is very cute and thrilling.

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3 Itachi Uchiha (Naruto)
4 Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)
5 Saitama (One Punch Man)
6 Isaac Netero (Hunter X Hunter)