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TOP 5 black female characters in anime

You have seen a wide variety of characters in anime series, but you only love the ones that are close to your heart and want to watch them again and again. Anime woman always dominates the world of anime fans with her strong, smart, beautiful characters in anime. From the lists, there are a lot of characters that leave you speechless.

Yes, these are black female anime characters, certainly there are not many black characters in anime, but now it has increased significantly. Whenever I see a black girl character, I love her, either in the role of a hero, a hero or a villain.

1. Casca – Berserk

image source :

character body deail answer
height : 165 cm
hair colour : Black
eye colour : Brown
age : 24 

Kaska is probably one of my earliest introductions to black women in anime. At the beginning of Berserk he is one of the strongest and most capable leaders in the mercenary group, Band of the Falcons.

Even though not fans of the direction her character development has taken over the years, she still holds a special place in my heart. I especially like that he is a great leader to his teammates and it very rarely calls into question his good judgment and strategy.

2. Yoruichi Shihoin

I can’t possibly include Yoruichi from Bleach without mentioning her on the list of black women in anime. She was born into a wealthy aristocratic family and has the title of princess, but doesn’t act like one.

She is tough, quick and witty, and she kicks butt in a lot of fights. I admire her demeanor and the way she can look cool, but quickly turns into a ferocious warrior when needed.

character body deail answer
height : 156 cm
hair colour : purple color
eye colour : Brown
age : 22

3. Choi Mochimazzi

image source :

character body deail answer
height : 145 cm
hair colour : Black
eye colour : Magenta
age : 15

This young girl has a short bob with long locks in the front that holds a trinket. Choi Mochimazi of Tamako Market in Japan dresses in traditional attire and goes barefoot at all times. Her beautiful magenta eyes are her biggest highlight.

When I look into those eyes I remember the gems shining in the moonlight. She has a pleasant demeanor and always tries to settle the debt. She is kind, yet can be reserved when she doubts someone.

4. Urd

Ur is a goddess and the main character from the anime series Oh My Goddess. His habit of getting into the act even before considering the situation and the consequences shows his impulsivity. She is a very impulsive and stubborn goddess.

Despite the goddess being mortal, she is quite irritable and easily becomes irritable and angry. Her younger sister Beldandi describes her as a sentimental goddess.

character body deail answer
height : 170 cm
hair colour : White
eye colour : Purple
age : 24

5.Tione Hiryute

image source :

character body deail answer
height : 165 cm
hair colour : Black
eye colour : Dark green
age : 17

Tion is the name of this anime character who is a first class explorer. Tion has green eyes and long hair, his weapon being a kind of scullery or a kind of medium-length curved blade.

which made him use it swiftly because it is not as big as his sister Tiona’s double sword. She also wears legendary clothes and walks and walks barefoot, but even as Tiona is her twin, her style and nature contrast.

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