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Top 10 ideas for buildings in minecraft

Minecraft has been out for ages now and a lot of players are looking for some cool stuff to make. Luckily, as a seasoned player I’ve got you covered with my handy list of 34 awesome Minecraft Survival building ideas!

There are so many different things to build, like a really cool Minecraft house, castle, storage room, or even a bridge. To make sure you don’t get bored or give up on your build, choose a Minecraft building idea that you’ll enjoy and that isn’t too difficult.

Keep in mind that if you’re on Minecraft for survival, you’ll probably need to get all the building supplies yourself. For really big constructions like minecraft castles, it can take a lot of work to get all the blocks you need! But if you’re playing in creative mode, you don’t have to worry about that and you can build as big as you want.

1. Underground Base

To build an underground base in Minecraft, look for a large underground ravine or make a big hole with TnT. Put windows in the walls, hang vines, and have columns of water or lava (if you want). This can be a lot of work, especially if you want to dig up fields or large areas to grow trees.

On a Minecraft server I played with a long time ago, there was a very cool underground “vault” city that was dug up by players. The rooms had lots of hallways with doors and a huge courtyard with trees and a garden. It is also possible to create secret Minecraft rooms and hallways.

2. Fountain

Fountains can be simple or large and complex. They make good decorations for gardens, palace courtyards or even indoors.

With the changes made by Mojang to the flow of water, fountains are now a bit more difficult to build and may require some experimentation to get the water flowing completely. Try using ‘steps’ for flowing water and for glowstone or glass underwater.

A good minecraft fountain idea can light up your fountain so that it is more visible at night. This can be done with blocks such as glowstone or redstone lamps.

If you’re using a lamp, you can even hook it up to a daylight sensor so that the fountain light is only on at night! very nice, huh?

3. Simple 5×5 House

In Minecraft Survival Mode, players have limited materials and time to build and defend large houses. Simple and easy to build house in survival mode is a good practice to build. This 5×5 house is a very ideal and simple minecraft house idea for that purpose. It is a simple house as well as attractive and beautiful looking.

It has two stories, both with separate entrances. The first story can be used to store materials and the second story has a bedroom. Follow the steps shown in the tutorial for the same and preferred result.

4. Medieval Castle

For the player who wants a big and classic looking royal palace, this medieval castle will hit the sweet spot. Its large exterior is the same as the inside, meaning that space isn’t wasted, which can be an issue in some Minecraft builds. Despite its impressive quality, this castle can be completed by players who are between the beginner and intermediate levels of experience.

5. Japanese Autumn Castle

If you’re looking for something royal and big, but you also want something that’s stylized, try this Japanese Autumn Castle. It requires a little patience, time and skill to build, so it may not be ideal for beginner Minecraft builders.

This build also requires a lot of materials, so be sure to review the materials in the tutorial. While it is quite an achievement to build this palace, it is one of the most beautiful palace ideas available and makes it well worth the effort.

6. Bee Farm

One of the simplest things you can build in Minecraft is an automated farm. Most players immediately move to crop-based farms as they also provide free food. However, if you build a bee farm in Minecraft instead, it will not only be useful and automated, but you can also use it to make an unlimited supply of honey.

The great thing about a bee farm is that unlike most farms, you don’t have to wait until later to build it. You only need a few basic blocks and a small area to get started. If nothing else, you can always place bees around your base as an added layer of protection from predatory players.

7. Underwater Base

Almost every single Minecraft player usually builds their base on the ground. But, if you feel adventurous, you can get the job done underwater as well. Fish in the sea can bring life to your base and the water can provide additional protection from most hostile mobs. You must first spend a lot of time on the ground to collect the proper resources.

Plus, if you know how to make a gutter in Minecraft, you can breathe underwater as well. This way, you can stay within the underwater base, without creating areas that are free of water. As for the blueprints, IrieGenie’s Youtube tutorial is enough to help you get started on building this cool thing in Minecraft.

8. Easy Bridge with Roof

Almost all the major bases in Minecraft have rivers of some sort or another. But only a few players choose to build bridges over them. Most simply cut off the water by building a path that blocks the water on both sides. This solution is easy to make, but certainly not aesthetic. However, with the help of Sheepjiji’s simple tutorial, you can make a wooden bridge in no time.

The bridge in his tutorial uses only basic building blocks to fit neatly within the biome. But you can modify the design to make it larger or even hidden. Some creators recreate a fallen tree to give their bridge a more natural look.

9. Water Elevators

The nice thing about multi-layered bases in Minecraft is that you don’t need to clear out a lot of areas to build them. Unfortunately, they also have to climb up and down a lot to reach the places. But, you can easily fix this by creating a water-based lift in the game. And to do this all you need is building blocks and two buckets of water.

There are several ways to make a water elevator in Minecraft. And you can use DrakenGameWerks’ tutorials to learn about some of the best ways. Once you understand that, you can easily increase that lift to different levels, and maybe even use it for added safety.

10. Elegant Minecraft Building

A beautiful building is basically like the regular buildings of the city. It is a tall and elegant skyscraper with many windows, solid construction and neutral color. You can choose to have a traditional boxy construction (flat roof design) or one with a unique roof design. Basically, a beautiful building is just like you can see in the picture. Feel free to add a glass element to create a modern look.

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