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Top 5 Most Successful My Hero Academia Villains of all time Ranked

In a manga about kids going to high school to learn how to be a hero, it’s pretty clear that there’s going to be some evil demonic villain in My Hero Academia. From minor run-of-the-mill criminals to the massively big badass in the series.

My Hero Academia hosts a plethora of baddies for readers to enjoy (and squirm). Here are five My Hero Academia villains who steal the show (in both the manga and the anime). Keep in mind that spoilers will follow. These are the best My Hero Academia villains, ranked.

Mr. Compress

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character body details answer
Height : 181cm
Hair Color : Brown
Eye Color : Brown
Age : 32

Mr. Compress may not turn out to be the brightest bulb in the box, but he is one of the smartest members of the League of Villains. Being a former magician, he has mastered the art of creating illusions and other deceptive tactics to escape from almost any situation. To make sure his enemies don’t misuse his compression marbles,

he makes several nooses in them to deceive the thieves. Although given a C-grade in Intelligence in the book Ultra Analysis, Mr. Compress’s firm grasp of his specific skills makes him quite an intellectual villain.

Lady Nagant

Without a doubt, this former hero is the best sniper in the state of Japan. U.A. Faculty member sniper believes that he cannot even be compared to him. After escaping from Tartarus Prison, she personally follows Deku.

When discussing the strongest women in My Hero Academia, Lady Nagant should top that list. She can easily smell Deku at a distance of one kilometer and in very difficult conditions like rainy season. It took a fake 100 percent: Manchester Smash just to destroy his rifle.

character body details answer
Height : 171cm
Hair Color : Dark blue and pink
Eye Color : Purple
Age : 30


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character body details answer
Height : 189 cm
Hair Color : White
Eye Color : Gray
Age : 36

There are nine main villains from the movie My Hero Academia: Heroes: Rising. Nine has a vulnerable copy of All for One, which allows her to steal and use up to eight different quirks at once. His ideal world is one in which there are no heroes or villains – only the strong dominate the weak.

But in pursuit of his strength, he weakened himself – his body couldn’t handle all those extra quirks. His self-destructive behavior and his desperation to prove his worth make him an interesting but disturbing villain.

Himiko Toga

Himiko is a very talented and dangerous fighter who is not only capable of melee combat with Pro Heroes, but also specializes in disguise, infiltration and camouflage mainly due to his metamorphosis. Spying is one of her most prominent qualities,

holding her breath and clearing her mind, allowing Himiko to erase her presence and supposedly disappear from the sight of her enemies.

character body details answer
Height : 157cm
Hair Color : Light dirty blonde
Eye Color : Golden yellow
Age : 17


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character body details answer
Height : 176cm
Hair Color : White
Eye Color : Turquoise
Age : 24

The reason I place Dabi above Rappi is because of his abilities and technique. He is shown to be more experienced and skilled with his fire than Todoroki, as well as having more great (if not potentially greater) output from him.

For this reason and his status as one of the strongest in the Vanguard action squad has put him one step ahead of emo. The reason he is not high is that he needs more work, just like Shigaraki he will move on at some point.

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1 Endeavor. No. 1 Hero.
2 No. 3 Hero.
3 Mirko. No. 5 Hero.
4 Kamui Woods. No. 7 Hero.
5 Yoroi Musha. No. 9 Hero.
6 Gang Orca. No. 12 Hero.

1 Toru Hagakure.
2 Kyoka Jiro.
3 Tsuyu Asui.
4 Mina Ashido.
5 Yaoyorozu Momo.

1 Hitoshi Shinso.
2 Tamaki Amajiki.
3 Itsuka Kendo.
4 Nejire Hado.
5 Katsuki Bakugo.