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5 Best Minecraft PvP Servers all time

If you are looking for Top 5 Best Minecraft 1.19.2 PVP Servers, then this is the video for you! I went to all the top Minecraft servers in all the most popular server styles. From survival and prison to minigames, creatives and skyblocks! Here is my list of Top 5 Best Minecraft 1.19.2 Servers!

Do you want to know Top 5 Best PVP Minecraft 1.19.2 Servers? Then you are in the right place! I will show you these servers and I believe they are the best servers for Minecraft 1.19. You can find all kinds of Minecraft servers, for example: survival, gamemode, pvp, skyblock and more! If you want these things go ahead and don’t stop reading!

Top 5 Best Minecraft 1.19.2 PVP Servers

Without a doubt the best PVP server for Minecraft 1.19.1 is Lemon Cloud. You can play a lot of game modes out there including Survival, PvP or Skyblock. Every kind of player will find anything interesting for him and I believe it to be number one in Minecraft servers. Some would say hypixel but I am not a fan of it. LemonCloud has great PVP and survival game modes.

1. Foxcraft

Java address:

If you don’t like changes and restarts, this is one of the best Minecraft PvP servers for you. Foxcraft is known for running its worlds continuously, often for several years at a time. So if you build a base on this server and collect items in the world, they probably won’t go away until at least 2024. But with the lack of reset comes an unfair play of power on PvP servers.

Many players dominate this server, thanks to the long time that they have invested to improve their skills and prepare the players to fight against. But, taking them from top to bottom is definitely a fun challenge. However, if that’s not your style, Servers also has classic game modes including Prison, Skyblock, and Creative.

2. PvP Center

Java address: (version 1.18)

Our next entry is a custom coded Minecraft PvP server with a variety of unique features. The funniest part of this server is the UHC mode, which is not common today. In this mode, players move around the world of Minecraft at random locations.

They then have a few minutes to prepare before a full “last man standing” battle begins. This game mode is similar to games like PUBG.

In addition, it has several custom game modes, including PvP arenas, bed-wars, and more. But despite having so many fun games, this server has one major drawback. It only works fine on minecraft 1.8 so you should downgrade your game before jumping to play on this server.

3. Complex games

Java address:

Finally, we have Complex Gaming, a Minecraft PvP server known for a variety of things. It has its own competitors Pixelmon Server, Region, Tekkit, Vanilla, and even FTB. Each of these mods is packed with several great Minecraft mods and together they provide a unique and enjoyable Minecraft experience.

If unique game modes seem like a common theme, this server tries to stand out with its fun custom Minecraft maps. Some of these are dedicated to popular pop culture icons, including Marvel superheroes, Pokémon, SpongeBob SquarePants, and more.

4. Wynncraft


Ever wanted Minecraft to turn completely into a fantasy MMORPG? Grinding, dungeons, resource gathering, stories, NPCs, and quests. Team up with friends in guilds, fight bosses, and explore a gorgeous universe of fictional towns, cities, and more. The server is structured in the style of a giant adventure map and won’t have much building. However, you can choose your class and craft your own gear and weapons.

5. Hypixel


Hypixel is consistently going to make it to every top 10 list, and for a good reason. Although the average player count for Saver has declined over time, it is still one of the largest servers. In general, Minecraft servers that are active have somewhere between 300 and 9,000 players online at a time.

Hypixel is the only server that regularly has five points of online players. Play many different games like BedWars, SkyWars, VampireZ, Paintball Warfare, and an arcade full of little minigames. You will never get bored on this server, and it almost stands as a game of its own.

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