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TOP 5 BEST Minecraft Barn Ideas For 1.17

It’s always nice to have a barn in Minecraft and organize your stuff well enough to keep your animals from getting away. Minecraft Barnes has primarily been a significant favorite of all gamers. It can be effectively designed using blocks,

fences and baits. Once you start cultivating crops and breeding animals, you can test through our 5 top Minecraft barn design concepts which best meets your needs. They are all suitable for survival mode.

Rustic Barn

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Grian provides great video instructions for building a gorgeous, rustic barn that doesn’t require a lot of effort if you want to get started with a simple survival base. It only takes resources that you can collect as soon as you’re born in a new world.

and you can build your base with all the necessary crafting stations and chests. This Minecraft barn design strikes the perfect mix between practicality and looks. To go with an American flair, you can also swap out the material with quartz and red clay.

Modern Barn

You can move away from the traditional looking barn and go for a more modern aesthetic. It’s a lot more convenient than a traditional barn because you can add a lot more features.

Apart from this, you can also make a swimming pool where you can relax in your free time.

Circular Barn

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Circular Barn by Itsamarlo is a bit on the complicated side of things. As captivating as the structure sounds, it is equally challenging to find the materials needed for construction.

If you don’t mind spending more than a few days building a Minecraft barn, you can move on to building this impressive layout. The circular barn is the largest Minecraft barn and thus allows animals to roam freely in ample area.

Elegant Barn

This wooden barn design is pretty standard in Minecraft, but brought to life with its decorations. Leaf blocks and vines grow from the barn, making it aged and slightly elevated. The fence posts rest perfectly with lanterns for lighting.

and players can add some hay bales around the barn for decoration (or for practical use for their livestock). A nice patchwork dirt/cobblestone path also leads to the barn, complementing its laid-back and rustic appeal.

Stone Barn

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Do you want to build a stone barn in your farm? The Legendary Sausage video tutorial below will introduce you to all the processes needed to build a complete barn with stables to keep your cattle, pigs and poultry safe from injury.

This is the perfect facility to assemble as your command center before starting the exploration journey. If you want to stay away from Minecraft barn designs that rely entirely on wood, this could be ideally suited.

How do you make an animal farm in Minecraft?
1. Build an enclosure using fences and gates.
2. Lure an animal to your enclosure using its preferred food source.
3. Close the gate, and the animal is now part of your farm and ready for breeding.

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1 Kelp XP Farm.
2 AFK Fish Farms.
3 Mob Spawner Farm.
4 Traditional Mob Grinder.
5 Cactus + Bamboo XP Farm.

1 Mushroom Farm.
2 Bamboo Farm.
3 Hostile Mob Farm.
4 Honey Farm.
5 Wool Farm.

Step 1: Open the top of your cardboard box.
Step 2: Cut a door and windows.
Step 3: Prep the roof.
Step 4: Glue the roof together.
Step 5: Paint and decorate your barn!
Vegetable garden: We made a small veggie garden to go with our barn!