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How to Make a Map in Minecraft

Maps are really great for many things in Minecraft, from coming back home from an adventure to having a huge overhead view of your massive base, even creating giant art to put on your walls. For!

Although map making is a bit more advanced, it can be built fairly early in the game, especially if a player is more used to the game and its mechanics. The maps are really interesting and can be used to create art for the base and houses in the game apart from being used for survival purposes.

To make a Map in Minecraft

  • Step-1 Place your crafting table and open your crafting table GUI.
  • Step-2 Next, fill in the outside border with paper, filling every square apart from the very middle.
  • Step-3 Then place the compass in the center, as shown below.

How to Make a Map in Minecraft

Other Ways to Get a Map in Minecraft

Maps can be purchased from a cartographer for 8 emeralds or can be found in sunken ships, citadel libraries, and cartographer’s chests. To become a cartographer, put a cartography table in front of a villager who has no profession.

In the Bedrock version, there is an easy way to create maps using a cartography table. To make a blank map, place 1 piece of paper on the cartography table. For a blank locator map, combine a paper and a compass.

In the Bedrock version of Minecraft, when you create a world, enable Map Start under World Preferences to start with a map already on your list.

how to make a compass in minecraft

Minecraft is a real world simulation game and players can certainly do almost everything in the game. Makers have added the option of crafting the necessary items in the game and creating them.

Thus, users have recently been trying to figure out how to make a compass in Minecraft. Thus we have listed the guides that can help players with their doubts and answer their questions including how to make a compass in Minecraft.

To make a compass the first players need to collect some items in the game. They need to collect a total of 2 items including iron ingots and redstone dust. To make a compass in Minecraft they need to bring a total of 4 iron ingots and 1 redstone dust.

They then need to open the crafting table and use the 3×3 grid available. They will then need to place 4 iron ingots in a cross, leaving a centerpiece for the red stone. This is the easiest and fastest way to make a compass in Minecraft. Moreover, here is also a video taken from Youtube that can help you clear all your doubts about making compass in Minecraft.

Players are trying to figure out the answers to related questions such as how to use the compass in Minecraft and where does the compass point. The answers to these questions can be found below. The compass is certainly very easy to use in the game.

All players need to do is add a compass to their hotbar and then point the red compass arrow point in the direction of the world spawn point. With the help of arrows on the compass, easily reach the world spawn point.

Users can also try using the compass to create other useful items in the map in Minecraft. Compass has many uses and thus it is definitely recommended to make the most of it in sports.

How to combine maps in Minecraft

It is not possible to combine maps. The only way to check it thoroughly is by manually exploring all the areas shown on the map.

How to make and use a Cartography Table

Maps in Minecraft can be enhanced using the cartography table. To make a cartography table, place two papers on top of a 2×2 grid of wooden planks in the crafting table, as shown above.

By combining the following items with your existing map in the cartography table, you can get the following result:

  • Map + Paper: Zoom out an existing map.
  • Map + Blank Map: Clone an existing map.
  • Map + Glass Pane: Lock a map, preventing further exploration.

It’s quite clear why you might need to zoom or clone the map. Locking a map and preventing further exploration is useful for a number of reasons, but one of the most common uses is for creating adventure maps and special scenarios in Minecraft servers and similar.

Using a Minecraft map viewer

If you want to stay in the realm of survival Minecraft, then map items and cartography tables are your only options. But if you’re not averse to using third-party tools, you might want to use the online Minecraft map viewer to get the best possible view of your world.

Currently the best map viewer is Chunk Base Seed Map Webpage. Simply input your Minecraft seed and version number, and you’ll be able to view everything for thousands of blocks around the world.

There are also several minecraft mods that add minimaps and full-screen maps to the game, much like other games by default. Probably the most popular method of this kind is Journey Map, which gives you a powerful map tool to use both in-game and in a web browser that tracks your location and exploration in real time.

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