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top 5 Comedy Anime To Watch Right Now

Best comedy anime? Everyone likes to laugh or make a good joke and that’s probably why, while some anime series take themselves too seriously, the shonen, mecha, between the slice of life anime you usually see.

a little Little humor is kept and why comedy is an entire sub-genre of anime. If you need a good laugh, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of our favorite anime comedy series that will leave you laughing and laughing.

1. The Devil Is a Part-Timer!

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release date : 4 April 2013
Directed by : Naoto Hosoda
Studio: White Fox
Genre: Anime, Comedy

The show derives its comedy as much from its silly premise as it does from the actual jokes within. The hero is actually the devil. In another dimension, Satan is defeated by the hero Emilia Justina and forced to flee through a portal that takes them to modern-day Japan.

where they have to live normal human lives in order to survive. Satan eventually has to get a part-time gig at McDonald’s parody, MGronald’s, in order to support himself. It’s a goofy show that mixes elements of slice of lifestyle with its more fictional elements.

2. Samurai Champloo

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release date : 14 May 2005
Directed by : Shinichirō Watanabe
Studio: Manglobe
Genre: Anime, Action, Action fiction, Comedy, Samurai cinema,

Well, when destiny plays its part, tragedies also become comedies. Something similar happens with our hero in Samurai Champalu. He is a young striking samurai. The only annoying thing is that he happens to be a hothead.

After some turn of events, he ends up on a journey with a beautiful girl and her friend to find the samurai who smells of sunflowers. This is kind of new as I have only smelled sunflowers which smell like sunflowers. So how about trying it? This anime delivers on the promise of light comedy and action.

3 My Ordinary Life (Nichijou)

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release date : 12 March 2011
Directed by : Tatsuya Ishihara
Studio: Kyoto Animation
Genre: Anime, Comedy

Nichijou follows the day-to-day lives of three girls, but taking a cue from Scott Pilgrim Vs. World, each of these normal events gets the Super Saiyan treatment… or the Tron treatment. Or, in some cases, an outright Chill Chee the Cat treatment (in the form of a palate cleanser.)

The designs themselves are just too casual to look at. with a color palette gravitating toward pale pastels. It’s also the gentlest, best-natured series on this list, and it’s perfect to see if you’ve had an absolutely terrible day—because you watched Hetalia instead of cramming for that test—and something for you to take. Need rest anime.

4. Beelzebub

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release date : 9 January 2011
Directed by : Yoshihiro Takamoto
Studio: Pierrot+
Genre: Slice of life, Martial Arts, Action manga, Comedy

The idea of ​​a high school delinquent pairing up with a kid who turns out to be the son of the Devil is so ridiculous it had to be an anime. The fact that this actually happens makes it even more fun.

Beelzebub’s premise and humor are so absurd that it’s beyond ages and enjoyable for both kids and adults. There’s something about the absurdity of fighting a gang of criminals with spit-ups from a demon kid who never gets old.

5. Toradora!

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release date : 1 October 2008
Directed by : Tatsuyuki Nagai
Studio: J.C.Staff
Genre: Slice of life, Drama, Comedy

Toradora! (yes with exclamation point) is a romance anime about two kids in high school. Ryuji and Taiga have crushes on each other’s friends so they set each other up in turn. This usually results in epic failure, but as the show progresses.

feelings develop between their group of friends. However, the main focus is on Taiga and Ryuji. This is a lovely anime with some good comedy and good pacing. There’s a solid 25 episodes and it’s the romance anime on Funimation that we’d recommend first.


This list includes everything you can expect when you dive into weird anime, from chaotic spoofs to heartwarming romantic comedies. Whether you’re a fan of Shonen or prefer something a little more grounded, the best comedy anime seen in this article now

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