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Brentford vs. Manchester United results 2022

Cristiano Ronaldo made a comeback in the starting XI, the only change in personnel in Sunday’s 2-1 loss to Brighton, but a wretched error from David de Gea saw Josh DaSilva’s 10th-minute shot into the bottom right corner.

From the time Brentford was at large, United’s weaknesses were repeatedly ruthlessly exposed. Further goals from Mathias Jensen, Ben Mee and Brian Mbumo left United at the bottom of the Embryonic Premier League table.

How Brentford dominated Manchester United

Every goal in this delicate corner of west London shows what Brentford did well and what United did badly. In recent years, every time De Gea has saved United from more and more trouble, he has been involved in some terrible losses.

There was no excuse for his role in the first goal and, although he shouldn’t blame all, the sight of Jensen being hard on him with the ball at his feet on goal will come as no surprise to regular watchers.

During the competition, the Brentford players covered almost 14 kilometers more than their opponents and were dominating United in the air when they were not chewing the ground in front of them. The only surprise around Mee’s target was that it took 30 minutes for the set pieces of the bees to produce fruit. The fourth will be celebrated in these parts for decades to come and will again show Brentford acting on a level of brutality and going far above his opponents.

At the half-hour mark, Brentford took his third. More poor defending saw United’s defense in a stalemate when Iván Toni led a corner across the goal, and Ben Mee overtook Lysandro Martínez to advance from close.

Thomas Frank’s team continued the attack and scored their fourth goal five minutes later. In a perfectly executed counter-attack, Ivan Toney slipped the ball through Brian Mbumo, who shook off a challenge and fired De Gea.

“It was a terrible day,” De Gea said. “I should have saved the first shot and then the result could have been different.

“The other teams scored a goal and won 5-1. We have to react better. It was a poor performance.”

Three things we learned from Brentford vs Manchester United

According to NBC sports :

Jersey suitable for “under construction” Man United: Brentford was great—we’ll get to that in a moment—but it’s fitting that United wore a sort of construction worker/carefully bright yellow-green because someone There’s no question the Red Devils are nowhere near where they were once Eric Ten Haag’s system has taken root with the proper pieces. The club’s need for a midfield master is reflected angrily on TV screens, and team captain Harry Maguire is among those whose performances are currently not matching his position at the club. That will change, though new boy Lysandro Martínez was out of midfield on Saturday.

The bees are buzzing: The Seeds came back from a 2-0 draw to draw Leicester City in week 1 and all “lessons learned” in the first half on Saturday, firing out of the gates – not without some luck ( Cough, de Gea, cough) – and just over half an hour later put the game out of question. And you could argue that the moment has come quickly! Mathias Jensen would be praised for his beneficial work and Ivan Tony had two assistants, but Ben Me and “Back Five” were wonderful. Anyone behind the buzzing five midfielders and forwards can be labeled as man of the match, and David Raya was in command of his box.

It’s more a problem of mindset than talent: take almost any player out of this Manchester United and give the Premier League manager a chance to find an early use for them in their system. More often than not, the boss is going to jump at the chance to sign a Marcus Rashford, a Fred, a Harry Maguire. But all these players look less than themselves in Man United shirts right now, and they have multiple managers. It definitely points to the club, doesn’t it? Something is going wrong between the ears. Some have claimed that there are too many factions at Old Trafford. “Mean Girls” doesn’t win the trophy.

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