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10 anime characters who pretend to be kind but are evil

While anime often chooses to highlight villains who redeem themselves and join the good guys, there are some shows that are all about the anime good guys smashing the bad.

In some cases, the characters start out as really good people, but circumstances tempt or force them into the life of a villain. In other cases, the characters are always really bad, but their sinister motivations are not revealed to the audience until the other characters learn the truth. In one case, a character tries his best to make himself look good, but eventually succumbs to his innate villainy.

1. Ken Kaneki — Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul’s Ken Kaneki started out as a mild-mannered young literature student who is somewhat of a freak. He is attacked by a ghoul (a human-flesh-eating creature), then turns into one after accidentally receiving a ghoul organ in a transplant.

10 anime characters who pretend to be kind but are evil

Giving in to his newfound desire to eat human flesh doesn’t make him a villain; After meeting Antiku’s members he finds a way to do so ethically. It is only after brutally tortured that he loses his desire to be kind. When this happens, he is ready to act ruthlessly towards others, if it means pursuing his own goals.

2. Eren Yeager (Attack On Titan)

Eren Yeager has changed several times in the series, but in the current season, he’s going his own way and has decided to incite incredible violence by bringing on the rumblings. In the final episode of Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2, Eren leads an army of colossal Titans with the goal of destroying the world.

10 anime characters who pretend to be kind but are evil

Eren started out as a legendary hero who just wanted to save his people and his friends from the Titans. But as he learns more about the history of the terrifying creatures, Eren becomes more inclined to use violence to achieve real peace.

3. Lelouch Lamperouge

In Code Geass’s sweeping plan, Lelouch always knew that he would be punished for his revolution and that it was actually a part of his selfish vengeance towards his own family and the royal class that betrayed him.

10 anime characters who pretend to be kind but are evil

However, there was always a tint of honesty and altruism in his actions, which made his closest followers and even some fans believe that he was going to be a good man. But instead of redemption, Lelouch deepened over time.

4. Oregairu

The Oreguru anime series follows Mac Hachiman Hikigaya, a melancholy high school student with narcissistic and semi-nihilistic evil tendencies who use his wits to solve his classmates’ issues, his Strong belief that the joyful youth and everyone who says otherwise is just lying to themselves.

10 anime characters who pretend to be kind but are evil

Because of his teacher’s punishment, Hachiman was forced to join a volunteer service club. A club that helps and supports students to achieve their goals.

5. Devilman Crybaby

This anime is so valid, well, about monsters, set in a world where demons invade humanity after being frozen in ice for millions of years, so it’s obvious that MC is evil to live in such a bloody world. Will happen.

10 anime characters who pretend to be kind but are evil

Ryo Asuka, who asks his shy friend Akira if he always had a bleeding heart to merge with one of these demons in order to be able to fight against them for the sake of humanity, Akira accepts without hesitation.

In a reckless attempt to save his best friend, Akira inadvertently merges with the devil Amon and becomes a devil, possessing the powers of a demon, but he encounters demons in the spirit of a human. retains.

6. Hisoka (Hunter x Hunter)

Oh dear! Jokers are pretty creepy! Now add a pinch (or more) of murderous intent and a distorted perspective and you’ve got Hisoka! One thing is for sure, nothing good can come out of any situation with him!

10 anime characters who pretend to be kind but are evil

Since the beginning of Hunter x Hunter, Hisoka has been a big threat. He has the vision of a clown, and he is also quite unstable. He craves strong opponents as well as children (although this is only implied), which makes him quite nervous. Mind you, he is super strong and powerful, which makes him all the more dangerous! All these qualities together make him a big problem.

7. Nui Harime

There is a trope in popular fiction known as “the dragon”. Reserved for a particularly intimidating level of adversary, “dragons” refers to villains who, while subject to a greater evil, cast through the single-minded ruthlessness of their strategy and their mere presence.

10 anime characters who pretend to be kind but are evil

They claim their cultural superiority through the long shadow of fear. Simply put, they are the biggest obstacle, the face of evil that you develop deeply to hate or, as fantasy often inspires, to love. Emperor Palpatine had Darth Vader. Joffrey Baratheon had Tywin Lannister. There is Nui Harim in Kill La Kill’s Ragyo Kiryuin.

8. Garou (One Punch Man)

Garou is a classic example of how when society is not kind to children, they are turned into demons as a result. In Garou’s case, it’s actually kind of literal.

10 anime characters who pretend to be kind but are evil

When he was young, Garu was never cast as the protagonist, playing Heroes vs Monsters with other young kids. Since the heroes always win in the end, the youth is always on the losing side. Because of this, he has always been sympathetic to the defeating monster’s plight, even rooting for them while watching TV shows, hoping they might win.

9. Elfen Lied

Lucy is a mutated species known as “Diclonius” born out of mysterious circumstances. The defining features of his kind are horns and dangerously powerful invisible telekinetic hands.

10 anime characters who pretend to be kind but are evil

One day, Lucy takes the opportunity to escape from the people holding her captive, but during her escape she suffers an injury that causes her to develop a split personality.

She meets Kouta and Yuka who find themselves trapped in a world of mysteries and death as the government uses every means at their disposal to capture Lucy.

10. Ghost In The Shell

With philosophically-charged cyberpunk screenplays, iconic visuals, and ideas liberally pinched by Hollywood, it’s no wonder Ghost in the Shell is so unbroken not only in anime, but in sci-fi as a whole. New Port City, set in 2029, it follows augmented police agent Major Motoko Kusanagi as she hunts down Puppet Master, a ghost-hacking terrorist who is taking over the technology-infused minds of powerful and valuable people.

10 anime characters who pretend to be kind but are evil

From its movie sequel Ghost in the Shell: Innocence to a stand-alone complex TV series, to 2017’s controversial Scarlett Johansson-starring live-action Hollywood adaptation, the Ghost in the Shell universe continues to expand.

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