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Best free RPG games for PC

Are you looking for great free rpg mobile games with hours of grinding for loot to play on the go? Then take a look at our top picks for Android and iOS.

With the Nintendo Switch getting so many great titles to bring back nostalgia, gamers are now feeling more and more eager to buy the device.

stop! Hold on there just a second!

Why spend $300 bucks on a gaming console to play 5 year old games when you can run even better Triple-A quality games on your smartphone?

If you’re a super fan of RPG and ARPG games that involve hours of looting and grinding, you’ll find these games are right up your alley.

Note: The games in this list are not arranged in any specific order because even though they are all free RPGs, each one of them offers something different than the rest.

Best Free RPGs You Should Try

There are a whole host of free RPG games out there to play on PC right now. While we don’t want to (and shouldn’t) start complaining about any games being made available for free, it’s true that a lot of them copy common themes and story lines from each other.

You can fall into the trap of doing it. Keeping this in mind, the team at Blog of Games has tried to pick out some of the best free RPGs for PC that are available right now.

#1. Grimm’s Hollow

Grimm’s Hollow is a game we actually covered in our other videos, and for good reason. Being one of the highest rated RPG games on Steam, Grimm’s Hollow is definitely something you should check out.

You play as a character named Lavender. She wakes up surrounded by skull-masked strangers and tries to find her lost brother. This is essentially the premise of the game.

You have a scythe where you can collect ghosts and I must say the combat system is something you can easily get used to and it starts to get a little easier. It’s a timing based attack method, so I’m sure you can see why. Luckily though that’s not what the whole game is focused on, but rather something I looked up to.

The overall look of the game is also something you’ll have trouble finding elsewhere, given the pixelated look and obviously the game’s settings. I have heard some people say that it gives them a slight sense of something and I can see it.

#2. Bless Unleashed

So, according to our format highlighting lesser known titles, Bless Unleashed is actually an RPG that, at the time of this recording, was released just a few weeks ago.

It’s an open-world online RPG that, although with a few problems, is surprisingly really fun and if you can spot some of the things, definitely worth your time.

There are 5 classes: Berserker, Crusader, Mage, Priest and Ranger. Man has the potential to become a crusader, priest or magician. Elves can be rangers or mages, and squares are the only ones that can be fearless. Oh and Ippin could be a crusader or a priest.

One of the big things to overlook is that, unlike your traditional RPG element that you’d expect, I must say, classes play a surprisingly small role in the game.

Don’t get me wrong, there are classes, but their abilities and traits depend entirely on where you put your 4 blessings. Whatever you decide to allocate to these 4 blessings will determine your overall playing style.

#3. Vindictus

Vindictus has a special place in my heart. Currently there is practically no MMO in the market with a better combat system. When you’re slicing through enemies in Vindictus, it really feels like you’re playing a single-player action RPG. It just flows so beautifully.

In Vindictus, you don’t choose a class in the traditional MMO sense; Instead you choose a character. Character class and gender are locked. There are currently ten options. Each character has a completely different combat style allowing you to approach the game in many different gameplay styles.

The story is divided into different “seasons”, which will be familiar to Mabinogi players. In fact many things about the game will probably be familiar to Mabinogi players, as it is set in the same universe (though several hundred years before Mabinogi).

So if you like fast paced action RPGs and you like free stuff, definitely go and download it.

#4. Lord of the Rings Online

Okay so this is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s far from a bad thing.

In LotR Online you start your journey the moment Frodo leaves the Shire. You can play one of five races (Dwarf, Elf, Human, Borning, or Hobbit) and play as a gender in all races other than Dwarves for which no gender option is provided. There are seven classes in the base game with more added through expansion packs.

There’s too much to easily cover here about this game, so I’ll only cover a few of the things that really make it unique.

There is music for starters. Music is a huge part of the LotR universe and LotR Online does not disappoint in this regard. Starting at level 5, you can play instruments, of which there are many throughout the game. This allows you to play actual music written or written by the community, as the instruments are fully playable (not useful for playing scripted songs like most RPGs). It gives way to concerts organized by players and festivals in sports and makes the world feel more real.

Then there’s the notable lack of magic. There are skills that work in a similar way to magic, and items that are enchanted; But there is no substitute for being a mage/sorcerer in this game. According to lore, there are only five wizards in Middle-earth and none of them are your character.

#5. Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: New Vegas is a different kind of RPG from the other RPGs on this list. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic Sin City where you choose a side in an inevitable war, or go all out to become the leader of this nuclear wasteland.

New Vegas is technically a first-person shooter. However, it also qualifies as a role-playing game due to its complicated story and the fact that your choices change future events as you progress. In addition to battling a huge range of weapons, you can gamble in one of the game’s many casino or roadside games. This is Vegas, after all, apocalypse or not.

The Windows version is available on Steam for $9.99. PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 prices vary.

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