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best ways to find apples in Minecraft 1.19 update

With their ability to make golden apples, the best food item in Minecraft, apples are one of those items that are badly desired by the players. In fact, apples are an unusual Minecraft item because there aren’t many sources to provide them.

Despite this, gamers can still get a large number of apples by adopting one or all of these techniques.

Check out the best ways to get apples in Minecraft that will enable you to pile up a huge golden apple collection later.

1. Steal from the villagers

Another technique to consider is to get some apples from villagers’ homes, although this is without consent.

The rate of having 1-5 apples in a chest in a plain biome village house is 74.2%. The way to get the most out of this is for players to go from house to house in search of apples.

Meanwhile, in a large village, the chances of getting a good number of apples are high. To get the most out of this method, players had better search and steal from multiple villages.

2. Break leaves with fortune enchantment

There is little chance that the broken leaves will drop an apple. There’s a small chance this small chance will turn into something bigger than using a fortune-telling tool to pluck the leaves.

Hoses are the most recommended tool for obtaining apples because they do not drop special leaves like shears do. A person with luck charm will do even better as it increases the chances of apple falling.

Although the chances are slim, players will be able to collect a wider set of apples over time.

3. Leaf drops

The most traditional way to obtain apples is by plucking them from leaf blocks. The leaves of both Oak and Dark Oak have a 1/200 or 0.5% chance of an apple falling or breaking. Cracking the leaves with a magic tool increases the chances of an apple falling.

The Fortune One raises the odds to 1/180 or 0.556%, the Fortune Two increases the odds to 1/160 or 0.625%, and the Fortune Three increases the odds to 1/120 or 0.833%.

Outside of business, this is the only way to obtain apples that are completely renewable, as players can plant saplings to pluck leaves for more opportunities to harvest apples. That renewables make it a good approach, but fewer prospects actually hold it back as a technology to consistently get apples.

4. Bonus chest

Bonus chests are an option that players can choose from when creating new worlds. This option gives rise to a chest surrounded by four torches near the player’s spawn point. This chest is usually filled with useful starting items, such as wooden tools, bread, plants, wood, and sometimes apples.

The probability of placing apples in the Bonus Chest varies in the two different versions of the game. In the Java version of the game, the Bonus Chest has an 83.8% chance of placing one or two apples. In the Bedrock version of the game, this chance is increased to a 100% chance of the chest having one or two apples. This means that the Bedrock Bonus Chest is guaranteed to contain at least one apple.

5. Trading

Rural business needs almost no introduction. The system is one of the best in the game for allowing players to renew powerful items and spells, as players can trade in enchanted diamonds for both armor and enchanted books of improvement.

Farmer Village is one of the best businesses to make emeralds. This villager usually buys carrots, potatoes, or any other root crop in exchange for a good number of emeralds. But Farmer Villager, upon reaching the apprentice level of trades, offers the player the opportunity to sell four apples for an emerald.

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