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how to get a saddle in minecraft? – 2022

You tame a horse in Minecraft, but the animal still has a mind of its own – it won’t follow your lead at all. To control your mount, you need a saddle.

If you’ve been hoping to learn how to make a saddle using a crafting table, we have bad news: You just can’t make a saddle. For some reason, developer Mojang doesn’t make a saddle a craftable item.

Instead, you need to get to it in a variety of ways, including trade, exploration, and fishing. If you’re brave, you can even get a racer to ride your horse. Here you will find instructions on where you can find a saddle and who will trade it for it.

How to make a Saddle in Minecraft?

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get from a villager
One of the best ways to get a saddle in Minecraft is to get one for 6 emeralds. However, make sure you trade with villagers to make them reach level 3. This is done by buying many rural items from them.

chest in the dungeon
Players can find a saddle in Minecraft as a loot item in dungeons that are spread underground. To find this item as loot you have to look for chests. Also, these chests have great spawn rates, so finding one won’t be such a big issue.

You can also get a saddle in Minecraft as a treasure item through fishing. To do this, you will need to equip a fishing rod and cast your fishing line when you are near a water body. However, there is little chance of fishing from a saddle, so it is better to try the above steps before going fishing.

What is a Saddle and How to Use Them

A saddle is an item in Minecraft that allows you to control some mobs while riding. You will be able to use Saddle on all of the following mobs:

  • pig
  • horse
  • skeleton horse
  • donkey
  • strider (found in the Netherlands)
  • mule

It’s important to mention that when using the saddle on a pig, you’ll also need a stick and a carrot to be able to control it. Also note, you will only be able to retrieve your saddle after the pig has died.

Where to find a saddle in Minecraft Creative Mode

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Creative Mode, of course, gives you unlimited resources, which means the saddle can be found just by browsing the Creative Inventory menu. The menu varies slightly depending on the platform you’re using – but Saddle can be found under the following headings:

  • Java: Under Transportation
  • Pocket Edition: Tools/Equipment
  • Console/Win10/Edu: Equipment

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