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After battling through the entire lobby in a Free Fire match and struggling to make it to the end, managing to get Boyah is an unmatched feeling. The last player or team to survive takes experience points.

However, not all players can achieve a clear victory. Some players are killed in end zones, while others are killed in hot drops. Either way, securing the buoy is no easy task. Thankfully, there are ways to make it a little easier. We have listed some of the ways that will help players secure more buoys in the game.

1. The Sneaky One’s Win

Like I said before, Free Fire, or any Battleroyal game, isn’t about kills, it’s about survival. You have to avoid close combat as much as possible and you should not stay in the open for long. You should take cover from time to time to stay away from the eyes of the enemy especially snipers.

When the game starts and there are many players there is no need to go out and attack other players as it also makes you an open target. Just find a good place, a nice nest and use your sniper gun to take out the enemy. Even if you are walking, do not stay in the open for long. If you have to be in an open area, do not stand and keep walking.

2. Improve your aim by sniping

Here is an important Free Fire Tips and Tricks to improve your target especially for beginners in 2022. Another way to get better at Free Fire is to learn it. A sniper is needed to take the opponent off the ground without engaging in a close match, where the risk of losing a teammate is high.

A one-shot one-gun gun is difficult to handle, and requires a lot of practice to master. You should play in single mode, take a sniper with suitable attachments and start practicing every day.

3. Have a good reaction time

Combat in Free Fire decides the outcome of the match. To become a master in gunfights, it is important to have a perfect reaction time. The ability to return fire or shoot first is invaluable when trying to secure a buoy.

When this skill is mastered, the user can easily initiate combat or apply a glue wall immediately after being shot. It will take several hours of practice to complete but it will be worth it in the end.

4. Vehicles are your best friends

Got a vehicle at the beginning of the game? Taking it is the best option you have to survive. Keep in mind, the vehicle must be completely covered and not the bike, as other players can easily take aim when you are on the latter.

Take the vehicle and start walking inside the safe zone and outside the shrink zone. If you see an enemy, you can just drive the car over them. Or your teammates can shoot them.

5. The Gloo Wall

A glue wall grenade is one of the first things you should buy in your arsenal. This helps you to protect yourself in case of a heavy sudden attack and gives you enough time to react after reading the situation. However, snipers can shoot you through glue walls and grenades can hit you, so switch positions as you hit the wall. Please note that the Glue Wall only provides a temporary shield as it can be destroyed by bullets.

So understand that the purpose of this is mainly to give you some time to think and act without getting shot and not to protect you. The glue wall also serves as a distraction for opponents as they focus their fire on the wall and try to break it while you crawl. If you are quick then you can take advantage of such opportunity.

6. The landing site is a key

At the start of the game you are inside a plane with 49 other players. You will have so much time to calmly think about where you are going to land. This is important – it will depend on how many players you meet at the beginning of the game and what inventory you have access to.

You can descend into a densely constructed part of the map, with many buildings to be looted. However, meeting other players will be more likely, and on the outskirts, with fewer players (or no opponents at all), but also less equipment. It all depends on whether you want to start fighting immediately, or prepare for battle calmly.

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