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top 6 Practical Tips to Get More kills in Pubg

PUBG Mobile and Fortnite Battle Royale are two similar types of battle royale action games that have taken the mobile gaming industry by storm. This is after both the games successfully forayed into the console and PC gaming markets. Both the games have their own characteristics that make them extremely fun for the players to play for a long time. PUBG Mobile is a game in which a total of 100 players parachute to the battlefield of their choice and with the help of their collecting skills and survival instincts have to stop the other players to win.

During the gameplay, the safe zone circle in which players will be safe and do no harm gets smaller to make the game more fun. The last person standing is declared the winner. Here we will discuss five tips that will help you be successful in the game, and in the end you can get many chicken dinners too.

1. Prepare your phone

PUBG Mobile is a demanding game and it is important to have the best of your phone. Delete what you don’t need, leave all the other apps you have running in the background. Turn off battery saver, turn off data saver, turn off night mode for the best experience.

You’ll want to turn off auto-brightness – it can dim the screen during games so you can’t see so well. Brighter = better. If you have game mode, use it as it will make your phone run better

2. Know your weapon

First, you need to adjust your aim depending on which weapon you are using, as each one has its own uniqueness and uniqueness. Always check your weapon’s stats, especially Range, Firing Mode, Recoil, Spray and Bullet Speed. After getting your hands on a weapon, you can also fire a few shots to test it.

However, you have to make sure that no enemies are nearby first. Actually, it’s best to learn it outside of matches, as you can test-drive almost every gun at the weapons practice range. There are also fixed and moving targets, so it’s as effective as a normal match.

3. Shoot only if you mean to kill

Don’t go crazy and start spraying on every enemy you see. It is difficult to hit a moving adversary from a long distance. As a result, always pull the trigger when your target is stationary; Otherwise, you risk giving up your position instead of being killed.

Smoke can be used to revive teammates while providing cover. If you’re certain that an enemy is hiding in a specific building, use a grenade on it and keep the grenade burst as short as possible.

4. Aggressive and rush gameplay

To get maximum kills in pubg you should not waste your time on match. Most players waste their limited amount of time collecting suppliers. As a result, they get loot, but no kills. Therefore, you should not make the same mistake that others do.

If you find a gun on the hot-drop, run immediately. Because there is no guarantee that your opponent has any weapons.

However, rush means blind play, so use your gaming experience. Make a plan before landing to kill multiple enemies in a match of pubg mobile.