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Top 5 hardest video games of all time 2022

However, what are the hardest PC games ever? Well, answering that question is actually a little easier than playing the games on such a list, so in the interest of honoring the hardest PC games of all time, we’re taking a detailed look at the games that have made you feel free to play your game.

Inspired to toss the mouse and keyboard. Briefly consider the benefits of eliminating the wind and the family computer. We are also focusing on games that were initially released exclusively for various PC platforms (or at least games that were not easily ported to PC until later) so that our personal computers have Have paid tribute to us in a truly unique way.

1. Battletoads

The first two stages of this NES game are arguably not that difficult, but you’ll soon discover that Battletoads is just trying to lull you into a false sense of security before it gets over your head. Two words: motorcycle. Quick. Come aboard and watch your dreams of ending the game turn to ashes.

Even if with some combination of luck and reflex speed you manage to complete the level, it’s only going to get more difficult from there. From pigs to snakes, to an ice cave abandoned by God, there are only a million and one different ways to die in this game.

2. Wolfenstein II

In Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, it seems that enemies constantly keep you within their sight, no matter where you are. To complicate matters further, there is little indication of which direction you are being shot.

New Colossus’ tougher difficulties make it increasingly more demanding, as your overall health and damage drop, and even the lowest difficulties become a significant challenge. Good luck through the game on ‘I Leben’ difficulty – a mode that gives you a single life to get through the entire campaign, a feat achieved by about 0.1% of players.

3. Vortex Queen

Few things creep in more than a giant green dismembered head lurking beneath the ocean. The Xenomorph-esque Vortex Queen presents friendly dolphin Ecco with her big challenge, thanks to Insta-kill attacks that swallow her up. If he gets too close to the queen, unleashes the superpowered jellyfish, and turns his nose into enemies watching Eko’s attacks, it’s good he’ll have to fight close.

Parts of his face need to be removed one by one, including a regenerated jaw, before Ecco can charge his head. And, of course, this is an era long before autosaves, the smallest mistake can result in starting the fight – or the whole game – all over again.


Capcom’s Super Ghouls N Ghosts for the Super Nintendo follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, the ultra-challenging Ghouls N Ghosts, and increases the difficulty even further to establish itself as one of the most challenging games of all time.

The player takes on the role of the brave knight Arthur, with the unfortunate habit of losing his armor after taking only one hit from the hordes of enemies that storm the screen at any one time. Another blow after that is the instant death spell. Even the addition of a double jump to help you avoid zombies, bats, and ghosts, there’s something slippery about the controls that take a while to master, and can result in hours of frustration.

5. Dancing Line

Dancing Line is one of the hardest arcade games you’ll ever play on your Android device. In this game, you need to guide a rising line through several blocks while listening to music. This game will definitely test your reflexes and rhythm skills and we are pretty sure that you cannot survive a level without many efforts. So, Dancing Line is another hardest game for Android 2019 that you can play today.

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