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Top 5 coolest house designs in Minecraft

When a new player delves into Minecraft, the first thing that comes to mind is the need for shelter before the sun sets. Every new player wants to avoid falling into the throes of hostile mobs on the first night.

While a player’s first house consists mostly of cobblestone, dirt or wooden planks, gaining experience allows them to improve their construction skills over time. This leads to the creation of some uniquely designed houses.

Reddit is one of the most active and popular social media platforms where members of the Minecraft community come together to discuss various aspects of the game such as buildings, seeds, screenshots, updates, versions, mods, shaders, and more.

The following five builds are from a popular subreddit called r/Minecraftbuilds and feature some cool looking house builds.

minecraft treehouse

These Minecraft houses aren’t for vertigo sufferers, but Minecraft treehouses are a great way to avoid creepers at night, saving you time repairing your Minecraft shield. The treehouse is an easy way to get a good view of the local area, or a vantage point to shoot arrows at the minecraft crowd.

You can build your new home on top of a tree, or build a new tree from scratch. Getting the base right is essential in building your Minecraft treehouse, whether you want a tree that serves as a house, or a house on top of a tree.

This hidden and peaceful home, decorated with rose bushes with a nifty trapdoor, is a great place to start. Just be sure to include a ladder, or you won’t be able to get back inside.

minecraft suburban house

If you’re looking for something simple, practical and perhaps familiar, this suburban Minecraft house might be your choice. It has all the characteristics of a typical suburban home: two storeys, a garage and a porch.

Despite its humble nature, it is still a good looking construction made of concrete, stone and quartz. You’re also free to make the rooms a little bigger if you want, but keep in mind that you’ll need to enlarge everything to make it look homely.


If a rustic residence isn’t your style, there are plenty of modern Minecraft house designs to choose from. It is a bit difficult to get the required materials. These include stone, slab, and clay to mold your modern crib, which has large glass windows and a balcony to soak up the views.

As such, modern homes take longer to plan and build, so you’ll need to be dedicated and prepare everything in advance. We love the modern home design in the video above, with its floor-to-ceiling glass walls and stunning landscaped gardens, filled with grassy hedges and a meandering lake.

Dig out underground bases

How you design your underground construction is up to you, but there are many advantages to going below the surface in Minecraft. The obstacles to working with underground spaces are minimal, and you can lay them out as you wish.

The beauty of underground construction is the space, which you can expand by digging. You can restrict access and improve security by building underground, protecting the environment around your headquarters, and making it less conspicuous. Spudetti’s guide to an easy underground home offers a straightforward design and manageable materials list with large multipurpose spaces.

Hobbit Hole Storage Or Home

One of the hardest things to handle in Minecraft is storage. Players will collect so much loot and crafting material as they progress through their survival world that they will need myriad chests to store it. Thankfully, there are also some build outs with storage in mind, like this one from Youtuber TheMythicalSausage.

It takes the concept of “underground storage” and expands it to eleven. This design can also be used for a base, a combination of the two, or anything else the player can dream up.

It’s simple enough for many ot builds in the world of survival, but also holds enough detail to be visually stunning, especially from the outside. It can be cut into practically any hill, giving players a range of biomes to use in it. This is the perfect build for anyone who wants to add their own personal touches while starting with a solid frame of reference.

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