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PUBG guide: 12 top Battlegrounds tips and tricks for that chicken dinner

With its multiple maps and weighty gunplay reminiscent of a military sim (which isn’t surprising, considering it started life as an Arma 3 mod), new players are on their way to their first Chicken Dinner.

Faces an almighty learning curve. Once you land, you’ll have to scramble together as much loot as you can, make it into a randomly designated, constantly shrinking safe zone, and take it out with everyone else until you’re the last survivor.


It’s the easy way out – headshots without a helmet are deadly, so go find one. A level one will do, but honestly, always keep an eye out for the best helmet, even if it’s a bit damaged.

While you’re there, take a good vest too. High level is good, but also very important when it comes to frantic firefighters of late game durability.


This is important because first of all, you weren’t born in a barn. Secondly, it can actually be a fair bit of psychological warfare on your opponents. Generally speaking, you can tell if a place has been robbed because all the doors are left open. Indicates that a player has gone to loot.

So when you come across a building to loot or use it as a vantage point, lock the doors behind you to fool other players into thinking it’s a safe loot spot. Even if you leave a building, it’s wise to close the door behind you to avoid wasting other players’ time, giving you a solid start and/or a chance to lay some traps.

Understand the Point

So any shooter game has only one goal, right? Well, not necessarily. The idea behind PUBG is survival. Whether it means camping or fighting, that is your ultimate objective. Beat everyone else (so to speak, we mean in the game) by using any means necessary. PUBG has a ranking system for each season and those who successfully complete kills, assists and individual placement objectives to survive.

If you’re planning on camping full time, you’ll be disappointed that the game doesn’t support it at all. Another feature of PUBG is that it forces the players to come together. We’ll review more about this below, but essentially, it’s best to get weapons and medical supplies early without getting killed.

Always Watch Your Replays

Ever since PUBG hit version 1.0 on PC, a great replay and killcam feature has been included. From watching how you got kicked out to knowing how other players handle certain situations, you’ll get a lot more information from watching these replays. Heck, you could just use it to relive that glorious moment when you had your first chicken dinner!

A crash course for battle royale newcomers

If you’ve never played a battle royale game before, we’ve got you covered. The premise of the genre is pretty straightforward: a competitive PvP arena game mode where the last person (or squad) wins.

Typically, you will land at a random area on the map during take-off. After landing, since you already lack equipment, you are on the hunt to find anything to ensure your survival. This phase is known as looting. It’s imperative to face other players while looting and gaining control of territories. It soon becomes a ‘man to himself’ position to secure these resources.

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