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PUBG Mobile 1.9 update APK download link for Android (2022)

PUBG Mobile 1.9 version has been released after several cycles of successful beta testing. The update started rolling out gradually a few days back, and as per the official schedule, it should now be available to all users.

Players can easily update their game by visiting Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Additionally, Android users can download and install the game using the APK file available on the official website.

PUBG Mobile 1.9 update APK download

As always, the developers have made available two different types of APKs for the new update: small/compact and the regular one.

The former requires an additional download of the in-game resource pack, while if gamers go ahead with the latter, they will be able to enjoy the 1.9 version straight after installation.

Step 1: Users have to visit the official website of PUBG Mobile. Next, they should download one of the two APKs depending on their preference.

Their sizes are 596 MB and 1009 MB respectively for the Compact and Regular versions. Therefore, players must ensure that there is enough storage available to download and install the game.

Step 2: Once players have downloaded the required version on their device, it can be installed after enabling ‘Install from unknown source’ option if it is not already enabled.

Step 3: Gamers can finally open PUBG Mobile and enjoy the latest release upon logging in.

Users using the compact edition will have to download additional resource packs that require more storage. After this, they can enjoy the latest version of the game.

It is important to note that users of different versions cannot enjoy the game simultaneously and will eventually have to download the update. In addition, players who downloaded version 1.9 between March 16 and March 22 will receive additional rewards. They are as follows:

3,000 bp

100 ag

Nocturnal Tune Helmet (3D)

Instead of using the APK file, users with Android devices will also be able to get the update through the Google Play Store. Also, they should not resort to third party websites to get this particular file as they may get wrong or fake APK which can lead to ban.

PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update New Mode

PUBG Mobile is all set to welcome the 1.9 updates for the players in the coming days. As always, the craze for new updates is immense. Players get to experience new item sets and improvements from previous updates.

Krafton has officially confirmed a new mod is coming when the update goes live. So let’s know in detail about PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update and PubG Mobile New Mode.

Steps to downloading PUBG Mobile 1.9 on Android devices

APK file

If you want to use APK to install version 1.9, you can follow these instructions:

Step 1: Since the APK file is available on the official website, you can access the webpage through this link.

Step 2: Next, there will be few options for download: Compact and Regular.

The difference between the files is that the compact version is smaller in size. However, users will have to download additional resources within the game.

It is important to remember that the latest file has not yet been uploaded to the website, and gamers may have to wait for a few hours.

Step 3: After the download is complete, you can install the game, but you need to enable the ‘Install from unknown source’ option before proceeding.

Step 4: Afterwards, you can open the game and download the desired resource pack to enjoy it.

If you receive a parsing error during installation, you can download the APK again and follow the steps above.

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