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12 Best Minecraft Survival Servers

With a huge community, Minecraft is one of the most fun online multiplayer games out there. Some players look forward to chatting with friends while others look for the full adventure. If you’re into the latter bunch, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re covering some of the best Minecraft survival servers with unique Minecraft biomes, custom mobs, and lots of interesting quests. The only thing that comes close to their level is the best Minecraft adventure maps.

But most of them did not allow you to play with your friends, making them irreplaceable. With that said, there’s a lot for us to unpack in these servers, so let’s dive into the best Minecraft survival servers you shouldn’t miss!

1. Theseedmc

As we continue our list of the best Minecraft survival servers, you will see a pattern. Most of these servers are built to order and even alter the basic Minecraft experience at some level. But the seed is a little different. Yes, it still has some custom features, but its overall goal is to bring the experience closer to vanilla minecraft.

The interesting thing about this server is that you live in an urban world. That means you’re getting a player-driven economy, the ability to open shops, and even pets. If you can make some new friends on this server, you can live your whole life in a seed. However, keep in mind that this is still a survival server, this time based only on your connection.

2. Apple Craft

Continuing the series of exclusive Java servers, we have Applecraft. It takes the friendliness of public servers and extends it with a number of custom adventures. This mostly PvE server has struck a balance between ranking and community.

On the one hand, you have to compete with and overtake players to avoid dangerous entities in this unique minecraft survival server. On the other hand, the server prevents other players from raiding or mourning.

3. Grand Theft MS

If you haven’t guessed from the name, this is the best survival server in Minecraft similar to GTA. You can play in cities with similar names such as Minescantos, Sanktberg and New Minesport. These are all inspired by the Rockstar Games GTA video game series. If you connect to this server using the Java version, you get the added benefits of unique Minecraft mods. One of them includes 48 custom weapons.

4. Wildercraft

We have another honest and friendly community server. This survival server allows you to earn ranks, trade and play fun mini-games. Newly released features and regular contests keep the community active and fun.

The unique part of this server is the custom Ender Dragon. If he has everything you need, you can challenge him and other in-game bosses for amazing in-game rewards.

On top of that, we get shops, dungeons, random hordes and treasures for the players. Each action and adventure enhances your survival experience by helping you level up inside the server.

However, don’t be in a hurry to collect XP. To maintain balance for new players, servers are completely rebooted twice a year. You can then start all over again and try to top the leaderboard in the new season.

5. Datablock

Datablocks is another large and popular server on our list of best Minecraft survival servers. It offers the following game modes: Survival, Sky Block, Single Block, Creative, Faction, Earth City and more. You can always expect to find over 500 active players every hour of the day. New content coming out every month is the main reason for such an active community.

The server gets even more interesting with its custom structures and exclusive content. If you are just getting started with Minecraft multiplayer, this is the perfect server for you. You can experience almost every possible game mode with quite active and friendly players.

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