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Is AKM better than M416?

In the last two years, PUBG Mobile has been a craze among online gamers. PUBG Mobile comes with a wide variety of guns available in the game to be used by the players. One of the major in-game PUBG battles is AKM vs M416.

However, many players are unable to decide which gun to use in different situations. To clear this confusion, we have compiled all the pros and cons of both the guns in this article.

AKM vs M416 in PUBG Mobile:

#1 Recoil

The most important factor of any gun in PUBG Mobile is its recoil. In simple words, recoil is a measure of the movement or upward movement of the gun when you start firing.

In the case of AKM, it comes with a very high repetition rate. This means that when you shoot with the AKM you have to have a fair amount of control over its recoil. Additionally, it is very difficult to shoot long range sprays with AKM in PUBG Mobile.

The M416 has a much lower recoil rate than the AKM in PUBG Mobile. This gun is mostly preferred for long range spray or shoot moving vehicles. For beginners in PUBG Mobile, the M416 is the recommended gun when it comes to a choice between it and the AKM.

#2 Firing Rate

A gun’s fire rate is a significant factor in taking down an enemy in PUBG Mobile.

In the case of the AKM, its rate of fire is slower than that of the M416. Therefore, the AKM assault rifle takes longer to fire its bullets, during which time if you fail to combine all your shots at your enemy, you can kill yourself in close combat.

The M416 in PUBG Mobile comes with a much higher firing rate than the AKM. It has a rate of fire of 3.28 seconds to empty all its bullets into one magazine.

#3 Damage Per Hit

Another important factor in the battle of AKM vs M416 in PUBG Mobile is the damage per hit. This means how much damage a bullet does to your enemy at different ranges.

As for AKM, its damage per hit is much higher than the M416 in PUBG Mobile. The AKM fires 7.62 mm bullets. A single AKM bullet deals 49 hit points of damage, which means 3-4 bullets are enough to hit or kill an enemy in game if he is without a vest.

M416 deals damage per hit of 41 hitpoints. But if your aim is accurate then its high fire rate can help you to knock out the enemy

#4 Capacity

The fourth point in the battle of AKM vs M416 in PUBG Mobile is potential. It means how many bullets a gun can hold in one magazine.

Interestingly, both the AKM and M416 in PUBG Mobile can be combined with an extended QuickDraw magazine that can hold up to 40 bullets per round.

#5 Reload Time

The last point of comparison between AKM and M416 in PUBG Mobile is the reload time of both the assault rifles.

In the case of the AKM, if it is equipped with an extended QuickDraw magazine, it can reload in 1.5 seconds. Without a quick draw magazine, the AKM takes about 2.3 seconds to reload on its own.

The M416’s reload time is faster than that of the AKM. In PUBG Mobile, an M416 assault rifle with a quick draw magazine can reload in 1.2 seconds, otherwise it can take up to 2.1 seconds to reload.

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