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5 best BGMI gun skins available in 1.9 update

The developers at BGMI launched the 1.9 update on March 18. Since its release, millions of players have joined the game to enjoy new features, events and items.

Among the various new items introduced, the new gun skins have become a favorite of the people as many users are seen spending a lot of UC on them. These skins will only enrich their in-game inventory.

BGMI’s Top 5 Gun Skin Launched So Far: Today we are going to tell you about the best gun skin launched since the launch of the game. Come, know about BGMI’s top 5 best gun skins. BGMI i.e. Battleground Mobile India was launched last year.

Many types of gun skins have been added to this Indian version of PUBG Mobile. Players can use these gun-skins to advance in the game and increase the ranking. Today we are going to tell you about the best gun skin since the launch of the game. Come, know about BGMI’s top-5 best gun skin.

1. Rainbow Drake AWM

The Rainbow Drake AWM Gun Skin was introduced in the latest Lucky Spin. It can be upgraded to level 7 for a single-shot sniper rifle. The final level of this item releases bright blue gas, which gives it an enhanced look.

Gamers will need to spend plenty of UC to get their hands on this upgradable gun skin. However, they must hurry as the spin will disappear from the game after today.

2. M416 – Glacier

The M416 Glacier skin is an upgradeable skin with 7 levels that requires a total of 27 materials and 370 paints to upgrade from its base level to the maximum level. M416 – Glacier also comes with an on-hit effect that can be unlocked at level 5.

Upgrading it to level 7 makes the player’s loot basket look like a snowman. The M416 Glacier can be unlocked by opening the classic crate which costs 120 UC per crate.

3. M24 – Pharaoh’s Might

M24 – Fharaoh’s Might Pharaoh X Suit skin was available during release and is another skin that comes with a special kill feed message. At level 7 it makes your loot crate look like a pharaoh style crate.

The skin is available during the Lucky Spin event and is one of the rarest M24 skins in BGMI. Like all other rare skins, players will need 27 ingredients and 370 paints to upgrade the skin to level 7.

4. Snow Covered Berg SKS

This gun skin has been added to the first lucky wheel spin event of 2022. The range of this gun-skin is much better. Players will have to spend a huge amount of UC to buy this too.

5. Glide Z Dragon DP28

This gun-skin from BGMI is quite popular. This gun skin is considered to be one of the best gun-skin available for LMG i.e. Light Machine Gun. Players love it. You can upgrade this gun skin to purple, green and sky color.

6. Technocore M416

This gun skin has been added to the lucky spin event a few months back. You can also upgrade this upgradeable Lucky Gun skin to Neon Green and Black.

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