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Top 5 tips and tricks to improve winning chances in Free Fire

Knowing some basic and advanced Free Fire tips and tricks is an essential aspect on the path to becoming a professional in the game. In addition to your gunfights in Free Fire, a solid strategy will keep you well ahead of the pack.

Free Fire, with over 1B downloads on the Google Play store, has been one of the popular trends during the quarantine period, with players around the world trying to move up their ranks.

Settings and sensitivity

The response time in Free Fire is completely dependent on the sensitivity settings. Therefore, it is essential to find out which sensitivity settings best suit your playing style. Copying someone else’s settings can get you in big trouble.

Adjust your sensitivity settings according to your device. On low-end devices with 2GB of RAM, set the sensitivity to maximum, otherwise run at the default sensitivity.

General: 100

Red Dot: 30

2x Scope: 52

4x Scope: 66

AWM Scope: 82

Select a safe locations to land

Free Fire has many maps, but most players play on the Bermuda map. Before jumping off the plane you have to choose a safe place to land where no other players can come.

If you land at a place like the Peak and the Clock Tower, you’ll be accompanied by a number of highly skilled players, and they hit you first because you’re new to the game, so choosing the right place to land is essential.

We would recommend you to land at any corner of the map as no one comes at the end of the map. This trick will also increase your survival time in Free Fire. Click Here to Get the Free Fire Auto Headshot Setting

Avoid Vehicles

Do not use vehicles during solo play unless there is an emergency. Vehicles make a lot of noise and can be easily seen from meters away. If you must use a vehicle, do so only for a very short time.

After getting off the vehicle, move away from the area as soon as possible. If you’re playing on a team, you may be more comfortable with this: one of you can drive while the other is shooting. Driving is useful only if you are playing for a team. In solo play, it is a suicide mission.

Knowing where to drop

It may sound easy and straightforward, but it is absolutely important to pre-plan the drop location before you jump. By doing this you can eliminate the problem of spinning quickly and it also saves a lot of time in the early stages of the game.

Players can either go for hot drops like the Clock Tower and Pochinok or go down to less crowded areas like The Hangar and Cape Town, depending on their playing style.

Hot drops offer great loot but they can be overly challenging, and there is always a high risk of early encounters with opponents in these locations.

Auto aim

If you’re using the default aiming accuracy, the auto-aim feature in Free Fire doesn’t work the way you want. It is recommended for you to choose Precise on Scope feature. It helps you in headshots to kill the enemy quickly.

These are the four steps to auto headshot tricks you should learn: crouch, scope zoom in, then crouch and fire. First, you lean to avoid bullets from enemies and take the time to touch the scope button. Then, drag the aiming point to the enemy’s head, and open fire.

The jump shot is also a pro headshot tip. When you jump, it’s harder for opponents to hit you with headshots. In addition, it is easier to shoot at the enemy’s head from a higher position.

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