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Top 5 best Android games released in 2022

The resounding success of mobile operating systems, especially Android and iOS, created a wide ecosystem that promoted new games and gamers. It’s a wild frontier for all kinds of experimental titles, scholarly cash-grabs, and outright garbage games that aren’t worth your time. However, there are also many gems in the mobile market that deserve a place on your Android home screen.

There’s no shortage of indie hits, retro classics, and even Nintendo-published originals once you scratch the surface. In fact, few mobile games can easily match the quality of AAA titles seen on consoles and PC. We’ve rounded up a selection of great titles across all genres, so if you’re interested in playing Android games, scroll down for our top picks.

 1. Moncage 

Another puzzle game, this time with a twist: everything happens inside a mysterious cube. Each face of the cube is different, containing a unique world. It’s up to you how these scenes (literally) tie together. Along the way, there’s an interesting story with surprising twists, as well as plenty of optical illusions.

Unlock 15 achievements to earn medals, and prepare to be stuck, because it certainly will. While you can get helpful hints, including a focus mode, which highlights key objects, text cues, and video walkthroughs, nothing is quite as satisfying as the feeling of genius when you finally solve the puzzle yourself.

2. Just Cause: Mobile

The Just Cause series has always provided great entertainment, and Square Enix wants to bring that joy to a phone called Just Cause: Mobile. Played from an isometric perspective, the game promises over-the-top action across multiple game modes.

Whether you prefer to enjoy the single game and battle your way through the single-player story campaign or test your skills against other players in the multiplayer mode Triple Threat, you are well prepared. Alternatively, if you prefer to team up with others but not fight against them, there are also PvE co-op missions available for a better understanding. We know that many of you will mark this as the most anticipated upcoming mobile game!


I waited a whole year for this game to release, but that wait is now gone in 2022. Tomb Raider Reloaded promises to be a must-play game for any Lara Croft fan. The game is part of the arcade-action genre, and takes you on a nostalgic journey. Of course, the game has exactly what you’d expect from Tomb Raider, and that’s puzzles, artifacts, tombstones, guns, and I’ve got my fingers crossed we get to see that dinosaur.


Critical Ops is one of the best first person shooter games for Android! In this new generation game, you will face terrorists in different urban settings and you can even play on a team of terrorists if you want. The game has developed and attracted a solid online multiplayer community, allowing you to play the game against both your friends and players from around the world.

It is worth remembering that, although it is already available, it is still a game in full development, precisely to meet the needs of the most demanding FPS players. According to its developers, this is not a “pay-to-win” game, with in-game purchases geared towards customization of the accessories.

5. Plants vs. Zombies 3

Plants vs Zombies 3 is another android game coming in 2022. It has just completed its soft launch and is set for a full release later this year. The game offers the same basic game environment, but this time with 3D graphics. The 2D era of gaming has finally come to an end. For example, new gameplay and improved strategies mean you no longer need to plant sunflowers on your lawn to keep enemies away.

Sunflower will have other roles that will be expanded. And yes, the new Plants vs. The Zombies game will be in portrait format and not landscape. The game is currently preparing for a global launch, with a soft launch already underway in the Philippines.

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